🗯⁉:one::two: Say Anything the Twelfth :one::two:🗣📣


Think about the new boobs lmao


anybody indulging for fat Tuesday? I’m having a burger, pretty rare for me. ill be giving up coffee and meat this year, except fish


Have you tried lidocaine patches?

Sometimes they work better than Tylenol for intense, kind of local pain.

Sorry man, that super sucks,

Didn’t you say you get to sit most of the time you’re at the gas station?


Since when was there a fat tuesday? I’ve been eating red meat pretty consistently for about a week. I was actually going to get back into stir fry tonight.


I had forgotten all about fat Tuesday, maybe I should get a paczki.


I’ve never tried lidocaine patches, no, but maybe I should give them a try.

I get to sit some of the time, once it slows down, like around 1-2 a.m., but even then it depends on how much work there is for me to do.


I’m not sure, that’s always how I understood it. I’m not really catholic, just grew up around a lot of them. anyways I woke up and dad said “its fat Tuesday”…so I’m having a burger.

I’m usually pescatarian anyways so it’s basically no change for me


I might as well be half pescatarian. I eat so much fish lol


yeah I was a meat eater turned vegan turned pescatarian…but occasionally ill have turkey or something. pescatarian works for me, I feel pretty good about it


omg they put the ninja turtles in the DC video games lol


dude there’s a hitchhiker outside. he’s thumbing in my yard. looks to be some old hippie definitely in his 60’s. wearing long sleeves no jacket got a ponytail. lol, I hope he gets out of my yard and doesn’t get arrested…Indiana is not a hitchhiker friendly culture, definitely get questioned by police for doing it

I don’t know where he’s coming from…probably vevay, lots of poor people in vevay


he’s out of the yard…he’s wandered onto the neighbors property…maybe someone will give him a ride…he’s almost made it to town just about a mile to wander, I wonder if he knows where he is


I think I’m in the process of making a new real-life friend :smiley:
There’s this girl I’m in a support group with, for people who hear voices.
She’s lived in the same group home I lived in a few years ago, but we weren’t there at the same time. We also have the same home guide, and we were in a class together many years ago.

I messaged her and asked if it was ok to add her on facebook, and she said yes :smiley:


I woke up late, around 9:10 am and had to leave at 10 for my beauty appointment.

I managed to have a cup of coffee, wash my body and leave to my appointment.

Around 1:00 pm I was done, I stopped by a friend’s house to say hi. Her sister had the sleeve surgery yesterday and she is still in the hospital. Apparently, she has some pain because they inflate her belly to actually be able to do the procedure.

My friend will do the surgery too and I signed my partner up for the surgery too. It is covered by the government if they meet certain criteria.

Then I came home, I made such a delicious meal! I sauteed seaweed tempeh with frozen vegetables in pad thai sauce and made some brown rice next to it. I ate the whole plate! It is the first time I eat tempeh and I loved it so much. It is delicious! :yum:

I also managed to take a shower in lukewarm water and wash my hair.

Tonight I am going to see fifty shades freed with my friend.


When I am at home I feel like i am being eaten alive by little tiny microscopic bugs that I cannot see and it’s driving me nuts!


I am having some more tea. It is 5:30 pm. Tomorrow is a big day.

I will plan my day for tomorrow. I skipped a lot of tasks today because I was out a lot and I made a meal.

I have to make two blog posts tomorrow with no excuse.

I just finished a webinar by a woman who is making 200K a month from her online business.
I am waiting for the day I will become her.


I had a busy day. lots of stuff going on and phone calls.

@mermaid1 what kind of blogs do you create? I’m thinking about trying to do one.


I feel like this all the time. Especially at night or when I’m trying to relax. I never have bites or anything, though.


Is it painful? Mine are painful.


Sort of? Sometimes it feels like a needle prick sort of? It’s hard to explain. Sometimes it just feels like they’re crawling on me and other times it’s like intense tiny stabs.