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You all are old pros at this. You know what to do.

Now do it!


Dont know what to say…we need cure from U.S…!!! TAKE CARE…!!!


I’m number 3 on the thread count!!

Yeah! :muscle:


I should sleep but I’m drawing instead because I’ve been wanting to all day but the sleep may win. :sleepy:


Windows 10


Hello everyone !!

After I had almost relapsed 2 weeks ago (but a double dose of abilify saved my butt), I now notice my mindset has gotten even better, my energy is at “normie” levels, I sleep 8 hours a night and I feel optimistic. I am also able to enjoy music a little bit more than before.


Just leaving this here :sunny:


Looks like it will be a late night for me


My boyfriend and I have been invited to a New Year’s Eve party.

We have a room booked to stay the night.

Thing is I avoid these social things and lots of people because I often go mute and feel like someone else.

It can feel hysterical but it is someone else in my body.

I love but i do not cope then.

I worry about woman seducing him and raping him while he is drunk .

I just do not feel I am well enough to attend this event.

It can feel so horrid and I would not be able to go home if I did not feel well because we would go in same car and it’s a stay over.

I might stay with the dogs instead and try an trust he can protect himself from seductive woman who try rape him and make him horny and who have big tits and tight mouse.
Unlike me.

But if I did go I may suffer to much and not be able to hold conversation.

I must trust my man.

I have been to a local bbq but I could walk home if I was not coping but this party is far away.
A couple hours perhaps.

Have you been invited to a party you do not feel you can attend because of symptoms?

I am social bubbly spirit sometimes and long to socialise but I just can not in person.

Maybe in spirit I can be there.


They drink alcohol and I do not.


If I went and stayed alone in our room knitting it might seem rude.

I struggle with socialising etc

Going mute and feeling not like my self.



I couldnt sleep at all :pensive: it is 2:20 am


I don’t like the weather here because the temperatures keep changing, it doesn’t stay the same with the temperature.




Cray-Z Cat Lay-D is here. (That’s my rapper name btw even though I can’t rap)

When I showed this mug to my brother he said “but you’re not crazy” awww bless him :grinning:.


I’ve never actually participated in one of these! But it says say anything so… Anything. Aha… I know I’m funny :smirk:


This happens to me all the time too. I almost always go mute when I’m in a public place/new people/loud environment. Also drunk people are so irratating when you’re sober.

I personally pick and choose what I go to depending on how I feel. People are aware I’m ill so if I can’t make it they always tell me not to worry and feel better which is nice.

If I do go to a party I make sure to go on walks when I feel overwhelmed. I also usually find someone I know and I stick to them like glue. (Drunk girls are amazing at this, friendly, understanding, and a bathroom buddy)

Generally at parties I just sit awkwardly on the carpet and pet the dog all night. Which is fine by me. However it’s hard for me to be sober at parties. My anxiety is worsened by loud drunk yelling people and blaring music. So if I want to enjoy myself I usually have to get ■■■■■■ up in some sort of way. (Not recommending this though)

Are you prescribed something like Ativan? Maybe if you take one before going it will help you with the stress. You can always go back to the hotel and nobody will hate you. When in doubt say your period is terrible and you have bad cramps, and you need to go back to the hotel to take a hot bath. Nobody will blame you for that.


It’s 4a and I’ve been up for an hour because I just can’t sleep. My daughter has been waking up at 4-4:30 since we got home from vacation, but we took her to the mall to look at the fish (there’s a big fish pond) and play in the kids play area until late hoping it’ll help her sleep a little later. So hopefully that actually works.


I’ve been up for about half an hour now, slept in because I’m not going to work this morning, maybe this afternoon. I have court in a couple hours, regarding the first burglary of my apt a few months ago. Well, I assume this is still the court date; there are messages on my phone that I haven’t listened to, should probably check those. I tend to let voice mails pile up for weeks before checking them, bad habit.


Today I will have to deal with some very urgent - very serious family business. We are in crisis. Please wish me luck that my health will withstand all of this and that my mind remains clear.

I am really suffering bad now. :sob: :broken_heart:


I’m sorry @Tomasina,

Family stuff is so stressful.

Good luck,

I’m sending you chill California vibes…