🐶 Say Anything -- Part 28



I got the first post !

Which is surprising considering how long this post is. Has anyone else got a first post like this while having an extremely long post. I sincerely doubt it.

Now what can I say to make this post even longer ?

I’m cheating obviously.

I made a quick short post and then edited it into a long one.

I’m ashamed.


I couldn’t get back to sleep but I’ve stopped crying.


Good morning everyone!!

Anyone out there ever read the graphic novel, “V for Vendetta” ?

I am thinking about cancelling my order of it, because fascist/Orwellian stuff super creeps me out. ha!


got my shot. they talked to me about going on Invega trinza. a once every 3 months shot. im a little apprehensive about putting a higher dose of this stuff in my body. I mean, I have already cut my calories down to 1000 just to maintain my weight and my ejaculations aren’t normal. its the cheaper option and more convenient option…but I really don’t want to, it took me a year to adjust to the once a month shot


Here’s to another day. I’m sure they’ll break in. They won’t leave me alone.


Not being mean but I don’t know if everyone can count in Roman numerals


V is 5, X is 10, L is 100 I think

Thought I’d say hello here, I want to share the love :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I wish i had better will power when it comes to quitting smoking. I’m trying so hard but I just keep caving in. Eventually I’ll get it right. Have patience.


It took me a while but I got there in the end :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Sup @Jedi ? How you doing ?


Damn, I just slept about 12 hours. Kinda ridiculous, but it sure did feel good. Having my coffee now.


I am not doing so good. (End of the post)


My friend beat me at Settlers From Catan… AGAIN…
When I play against anyone else, I win, but with him I don’t stand a chance :joy:


Good point! I changed the XXVIII to 28.


Hi guys was up…!!!


I was looking forward to say anything the naughty version xxx


It’ll be alright.keep telling myself no one gonna break in. Might as well enjoy last day alive


:flushed: :smile:


I need my tuition money in order to buy the necessary equipment to complete my assignments. It’s been two weeks since class started and I’ve put my studies on hold because of this. I’m supposed to get paid today :sweat_smile: Ugh, also my caseworker is kind of pushing me to join a group and see my doctor to fill out some forms. Kinda bad timing considering I need to catch up on school.


almost bought a sixer today. the temptation was soo strong. instead I bought chocolate cake and 24 oz coffee…pretty sure im going to cave in soon…I can get away with it on Fridays because it will be out of my system by Monday when the probation officer is working