Is it possible to be injected with IM Depot Antipsychotic in this scenario?


To cut a long story short. I don’t get along with my parents and they have branded me Insane, Got me hospitalized in an asylum for a week against my will and basically want me there for good.

I am living away from them for my safety but they have people sent tracking me. I have not told them where I stay, But they do know where I work. It so happened on a holiday that I was walking in my company and I saw 4-5 men moving towards me. I do not remember anything happening to me but later I felt a burning sensation near the illiac crest region. I do have a slight pain but not more.

I DO REMEMBER that I was walking all along the time and I DO REMEMBER my Pant was not touched or unzipped. But I was wearing a light T-Shirt so a part of my back could have been exposed.

I suspect being injected from someone behind me .

Is it possible to be injected with an IM Depot Injection in this scenario ?

Mental health nurses don’t give injections to people in the street and only they or a doctor can give such injections . I am sorry that you are still experiencing these thoughts.

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The last time I was at home (I live in India which is a 3rd world country), 4-5 people grabbed me, then injected me and got me unconscious and then I was in the asylum for 3 days where I was given Antipsychotics Intra-venously. Those that injected me were illiterate men and not nurses. (It is quite common in this country).

That experience is etched.

Is it possible to be given IM Injection by someone from behind the back and when I am walking ?.

Please seek help. No one would follow you around the streets aiming to shove a needle in your butt or anywhere else on your body.

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No - this is not very likely. In fact this is a relatively common delusion that we see people here have.

Please, don’t see the doctors and your family as a threat. They are trying to help you.

Please see this poll of all our visitors on how helpful medicines have been for them: Try the medications for a while and then see what you think about the idea of people poking you in the street.

What you describe is highly unethical. In any civilized society it would not be tolerated. When I was in the hospital I was convinced they were giving me Haldol in my food. Needless to say, I was wrong.

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In any civilised society —which the society in my country isn’t, Unfortunately .

You are most likely suffering from some kind of delusion. People are not out to get you, it’s just the paranoia of the brain flarring up for whatever reason.

When I was trying to figure out what exactly caused my SZ, I once theorized that a cake I ate a while ago was laced with drugs and that is what caused my problems.

When I finally touched base back into reality several months down the line, I realized that it was next to impossible for such a thing to be done. I stil wish I knew the science behind what caused my SZ, but now I’m realizing it was probably a combination of factors piled up on me my entire life.

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Dude you would know for sure if someone stuck a needle in you. You’re just paranoid.

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I’m not going to try to tell you what is going on in your life, but I will say that what you are thinking is typical of what many schizophrenics think.


It’s possible. But improbable. Not likely.

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The question I wanted to ask was "While Walking (in movement) is it practically possible to inject an Intra-muscular injection?

That happens in spy novels, not in real life.

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