Could I have been injected

Parents are after me to get me medicated due to Legal issues. Dealing with a divorce.

I was in my company and since my parents cannot get me legally injected in a public place, My car was parked in the basement of the place where I work.

At around 9 PM, I moved to the basement and there was no other Human there except a man walking towards his bike.

I went to my car and walked back. I saw the same man . Then I don’t remember anything. I have absent minded issues. I feel I was injected with an IM Injection. Have pain in my left butt. But I don’t see any marks or blood except Acne marks which look to be quite old.

Do you believe I could have been injected?.

I saw my father online in whatsapp at the exact same time when this incident had occured. Generally he isnt online which increases my suspicion that this man was sent by my dad.

I’m not a doctor and don’t diagnose. But it sounds like you have unmedicated paranoid schizophrenia which is going to get worse.


This a delusion my friend like you have been told soooo many times. Maybe you should try to voluntarily get an IM AP injection to see if this delusion won’t go away.

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Oh wait, you were suspended as @saurav and created a new account @saurav1 I think having multiple accounts is against the forum rules.

I think, since you keep posting on this site, that you know it’s a delusion, yet you want reassurance. But, when people tell you its a delusion and for you to get help you make excuses. AP’s would be good for you, unfortunately you’re not taking them. You parents probably worry about you, when I was delusional I also thought my mom was out to get me, in fact she was just trying to help me.

You should get help and medication, that’s the only advice I’m giving you from now on.


I now KNOW all of my earlier suspicions were delusions.

But I am unsure of this latest one? :frowning:

Minnii I have taken therapy for 2 months now but obviously that looks like its not working.

If your parents already tried to help you, I think they should try again. That’s my honest opinion. Since you refuse medication, in your state it’s a vicious cycle, and that is what you should be aware of. Your health is the most important issue here, not your delusions. They would pass with medication, but you not only insist on not taking them you also convice yourself you don’t need them, although people here have told you multiple times you do need them. Nevertheless, it’s your choice to make.

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Yes they tried helping me by getting me hospitalized with 6 men punching me down and taking me away. Some help it was

I was held down by five police officers and strapped to a bed, and still I’m happy someone helped me when I couldn’t do it for myself


I am not hurting anyone Minnii. Am keeping my job and doing a pretty good job. All my collegues tell I am genuinely a very brilliant and a friendly guy.

I have friends too who like me. But these delusions and their after affects ( feeling depressed) is ruining it :(. But I never harm anyone.

Dude, you seriously need drugs. Or else you need to get off your high horse and stop telling everyone how terrible drugs are when we are all doing better than you with our meds. You are already banned. Creating another account will get you double secret banned.

happy to know that you are doing better. I think I will stay this way (without meds) , have been for 8 months now and I have not gone downhill.

Neither have I, always friendly and while delusional I was extremelly social. That didn’t mean I didn’t need help. When things turn to the worst, we szs are not capable of judging ourselves most of us anyway. You, on the other hand, are in a place to decide that you value your health and sanity, you’re not full-blown psychotic (yet anyway), so you should value that instead of hanging on to grudges for the help you did get from people that love you. If they decided not to help you, than you knew they didn’t love you. But they did, and I’m sure they would do it again if it came to it. You’re in a position to help yourself and that’s what you should do.


Yes I havent gone bad, that I am sure. You are so true about not holding grudges. So true, thanks for that advice.

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. I am not trying to be anti-med here . Currently its been 8 months and I would say that my condition has remained the same with probably about 10% improvement. But it hasnt gone bad that is for sure. I will stay without meds for now .

You should go back to meds, try different ones that you find you can maintain your creativity. You’re worst now and with the same persistent delusion. Go get help. Don’t trow your sanity away.

gone worse?. u feel by my sentences?

I’m guessing you didn’t have this delusion when you were on meds. Just guessing though.