Poll: Do your meds work for you?

Are you feeling ok? Do you have positive symptoms? I don’t talk about the negative ones, 'cos meds don’t work on those.

  • My meds work for me and Im fine, I feel no pain and I have no delusions.

  • My meds don’t work for me, Im feeling a mess and I have delusions.

  • My meds work a little bit for me, I still feel pain and I have a few delusions.

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The poll isn’t functioning well on my computer.

Poll now fixed.

Edit: this is a copy and paste of a previous poll by redrose, to see what the current stats are, as the stats are no longer available on her old poll

I picked option C. I think I’m in between C and A, because my meds do work really well…although I still have delusions and pain. But without the meds I’d be such a mess it would be crazy. Thank god for my meds, but it’s not a cure for me.

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I would say my meds work just well enough so that I can function. I’m still in pain and always will be. Less is the optimal dose with meds.

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My meds (an antidepressant, an antipsychotic, and a low dose antianxiety) have proven invaluable. I am on meds that are old as dirt, but they are EXTREMELY effective. I also have my psychiatrist’s permission to take my antipsychotic as needed, which I did today. Got agitated and paranoid, so I took an extra one.

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Working just fine. No positive symptoms to prevent from my daily life.

I was feeling flat and hollow today and it made me want to wear this shirt. Your posts crack me up!!! Like talking to people in the shower and yourself in the mirror. It seems torturous but it’s funny that this ■■■■ actually happens. I hate taking showers because the fan and water running makes voices to me.


My medications work great, 10mb Abilify and 25mg Seroquel PRN - suffering no delusions, mania, psychosis etc… If I wasn’t on these medications, I would say I would be 100% like the rest of the mentally stable world…but because of meds, I feel somewhat cheated, but never the less, must take them to be healthy in the mind :smile:


Currently my meds is working for me so I can’t complain. I’m on 25mg Abilify and 100mg Epitec. I’ve had relapses in the past whilst on meds but atm I’m doing rather fine.

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My meds work so-so for me. My doctor was hoping that i would me better this next time i see him in july. i’m taking haloperidol, latuda, lithium, amitriptyline, clonidine and lorazepam.

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My medication works for me, but it is difficult because it inhibits my creativity and I can’t feel the same empathy on Abilify, that was one of the first side effects and I’ve been taking it for 10 years or more. I am able to feel empathy when I don’t take it. That’s the only difference I’ve noticed, that I’ve been on it for so long that I can’t handle normal emotions, because the medication destroyed my emotions.

11% need the treatment while majority of us our meds work fine. I was 11% part of for 5 years. A long process to become aware that meds are part of your life and that you need to factor them in your budget.

Mine are working a bit. Quetiapine/seroquel 100mg and Sertraline/zoloft 150mg. Moving up to a ‘more therapeutic dose’ of Quetiapine within the next month.

I still experience some positive symptoms. Yesterday I was seeing trails after things that moved- like when you have a sparkler and write in the air. I was seeing this as I mopped at work. I am also still a bit paranoid. I say a bit, I mean a lot. I still experience delusions. My hallucinations are much less however.

Sertraline is great for affective symptoms though.

My meds work for me, I feel no pain, but I have delusions, and just a bit of paranoia. I consider my regimen a success compared to the way it has been for me in the past.

I don’t feel like my meds work for me. I have been on them almost two months now. I a always confused and embarrassed. I don’t even trust my doctors/nurses. And I hallucinate almost every day.

My meds definitely work for me,I’m on Flupenthixol & procyclidine.

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I am taking Seroquel also.

just started Haldol today, an older med but very good one…if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it I say! I take that and an anti-anxiety. So far no voices tonight, too soon to tell though