Injection possible?

Was walking in my company canteen. Saw a man behind me and I saw him when I turned around . He seemed to be from a mental asylum worker there . Could have been sent by my parents . I do not remember being pricked and was wearing a pant . Could I have been injected by that guy ?

I would say no. It sounds to me like you’re obsessed. I’ve been in the same boat. One time when I was in the hospital I was convinced they were putting med’s in my food. Every time they put food before me I would take it to the desk and tell them I wanted tests done on it to see if it had Haldol in it. Needless to say, they weren’t.

what’s gonna happen if you get injected anyway? what is your fear?


Jesus Christ man. how many times will you have to ask this question and get the answer: “its a delusion!” ? just give it up man, come on! Your parents dont send syringe-hitmen because they dont hate you or are dedicated to ruin your life i bet they want your safety just as much as you do want it and by having you save is to respect your choice of not getting medicated (even though you seem to need it badly).

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Did you take your anxiety medication today? @saurav

What are you stats, like height & weight? I keep thinking you’re a shorter Indian man that is incredibly lightweight. I don’t understand your paranoias of other persons, but really… very few people are out to commit crimes these days. An IM injection would be considered a real crime.

If I had your symptoms, I’d turn myself into the local hospital. My insurance covers mental problems & emergencies associated with my SZ.

Have you seen a doctor and have been officially diagnosed with paranoid SZ?

It’s time to have a serious talk with your doctor. Be honest with them. Get back on meds.