Injected or another delusion?

Just walked out of the office last night and saw 4-5 people in the streets.

Have a feeling I was injected with IM injection but do not remember anything.

Another delusion?

What’s an ‘IM’ injection? In any case, it’s just a delusion. Injections hurt. You wouldn’t be asking yourself if it happened if you had one.

You should at least tell your doctor that you keep having this delusion.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Injects would be felt long after you have been injected. As would physical signs of being injected show up. Question your thoughts. Fight with logic…Evidence not assumptions.

I wouldnt count on it, try to relax and listen to music instead.

Intramuscular injection.

I have a feeling if you were injected you would remember it.

Are you thinking that these 4 to 5 random people injected you?

They would have to hold you down for that… you would remember being held by a stranger.

You’re delusional. Nobody has injected you with anything. They would probably be doing you a favor if they did. Nobody probably cares about you that much to inject you on the street or anywhere else besides a mental hospital. When I was paranoid, I was the same way. Basically, my mom told me that no one would spend that much money on me or really think about me that much. It hurt but it’s the truth.

I think your parents really care about you and want you to get help. You’re obviously schizophrenic like me. You probably need to get stabilized with medication.

If anything, India probably is more accepting of schizophrenics than America, despite you saying its poor and backwards.

I wish you luck.

I hope you get better. Next time you get paranoid again and think someone is injecting you, try to remember that it’s irrational. Try to come up with counter-examples on why they wouldn’t be injecting you. Some of the comments here and in your last post could help. Also, remember it’s probably unethical and against the law. You would have definitely known and seen that you were injected. It’s possible when you’re feeling something it could just be a tactile hallucination.

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That pic makes my skin crawl…

I do have some pretty heavy tactiles that still don’t give up all the way…

some not so bad and I’m able to ignore them… but some really throw my brain into haywire.

Please go and get some help. You need to restart your meds. We can’t help you.