Help me please - Voices that tell me to hurt myself

Read these people’s examples:

another example of how to talk back to the voices:

I should tho they say If I don’t listen to them they will hurt my sister

Listen to this:

I neee my sister they will hurt her

They can’t hurt your sister. They are just voices. Thats all. They can’t actually hurt anyone.

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No no they will I can’t take that risk

No- they can’t. We all deal with voices like yours all the time here. They can’t hurt you or anyone else. They lie and are wrong.

I still can’t take that risk she is the only thing let in this shitty world love

The voices pretend to be powerful, but you know why are weak because they threaten people. Only weak things threaten people.

They will hurt her I cannot do this

The voices are a symptom of schizophrenia. When the voices tell you to do something, this is an example of what’s called a “command hallucination”. The voices cannot harm you or anyone else. It is important that you do not listen to the voices or do anything that the voices say.


Is your sister safe right now? Is she in the same house as you?

I need my sister I love her sooo much I am 14 I want his pain to stop I can’t do it anymore I want the voices to take control it would be less pain

Yes she is with me

Your sister needs you. It’s important that you not harm yourself, both for you and for your sister.

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Watch this video:

You can and will learn to control the voices as you get older:

I need to let them win

No. Have you not listened to the voices ever before when they’ve told you to hurt yourself?

Watch this video about how this guy overcome the voices:

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I don’t know if this helps or not, but… I’ve had SZ for over 25 years. I’ve had malicious voices telling me to do horrible things to myself for much of this time. They also threaten me that others I care for will be hurt if I don’t.

The voices are not real, they’re just noise. I know they FEEL real and there is a hellish compulsion to obey, but you don’t have to. The crap they’re spouting is complete bull. Nothing they have promised will come to pass has EVER happened in all this time. Not once. There is no danger at all in ignoring them. I promise you.

Also, I know you don’t like hospitals, but sometimes they’re the best thing for you. If a professional recommends a hospital visit, please consider it. They only want to help and it truly will help.

Sending hugs and best wishes. Please keep us in the loop on how how you’re doing, okay?