Help I cannot donit

I need to cut they told me to and if I don’t they will hurt my sister

No, don’t listen to them; they always give bad advice :frowning:
Do you take any meds to help you? Can you see your doctor?


They tell me not to take my meds I need to cut they will hurt her they also told me to starve myself 2 weeks ago and I still am

Please don’t listen to them . See your doctor ASAP. You sound like you’re a danger to yourself. Start taking your meds again.


They told me to throw them out

Why do you believe the voices? Sounds like they’re trying to sabotage you.

I need to protect her

That’s a trick they play to make you feel guilty. Don’t fall for it.

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Then see your doctor as soon as you can. Ring them up. You need to do that as soon as you can. It’s the weekend now so is there anybody you can contact like a helpline ?

Why do I need to contact them

I am just protecting my sister they told me to starve myself 2 weeks ago and I still am

Because you’re

  • Not eating
  • Not taking your meds
  • Are about to cut yourself

You need to get more meds from your doctor for a start. They also need to know the ones you’re on Mightn’t be working properly.


No I can’t they will hurt her

They won’t. The voices aren’t real.


I can’t do this I can’t I can’t I cannot I

Go to the ER immediately.
You are a danger to yourself.


No I am fine I am fine I am just rlly anxious I

You’re starving yourself because some imagined voices told you that they would hurt your sister if you didn’t. How is that fine?


You are starving yourself and have the desire to cut yourself.
You need immediate help before you really hurt yourself.

No I don’t need help I need my sis I am gonna have a panic attack