Help me please - Voices that tell me to hurt myself

My name is Liam I was diagnosed 2 days ago and I am hearing these voices that are tell me to hurt myself severely and I am starting to listen to them I don’t know what to do I want to tell but I Don’t wnat to be in a hospital

call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255


Or on twitter;

The Lifeline (@800273TALK) · Twitter

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I don’t want to go to a hospital

Call the support lines or text- they will help you, not tell you to go to a hospital.

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But many people here have and do go to the hospital and find it helpful.


Why am I like this I am 14 what did I do to deserve this

Tell your family members or friends and get them to help you. Have you gone through some stressful times recently or in the past. Stress frequently plans a factor in these types of things. But treatment can make things much better. The sooner you get treatment the better.

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They think I am crazy

You might get them to take you do one of these centers - are you in the USA or another country?

Is a hospital if so no

Everyone has difficult times at some point in their life - your friends and family would want you to be health and get help if you need it. They don’t want you to hurt yourself.

No one.cares about me

No - you’re wrong. We care about you here. I bet you have friends and others who care about you. Its easy to be more negative than it really is.

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I should just listen to the voices

NO! The Voices are wrong! Ask other people here…

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No they can’t be wrong

People here say they are frequently wrong. They can be and are wrong in this case for you.

How are they wrong

@Idkhelp. You should NOT listen to the voices. The voices are wrong when they try to convince you to harm yourself.

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