Voices tell me to hurt myself

Hi. i am a 16 year old boy currently undergoing diagnosis. the doctors think it’s schizophrenia (paranoid).

i hear voices all the time telling me to hurt myself and sometimes i’m told to kill myself. i also have hallucinations about death and suffering. i see dead birds and other animals if i walk down the street.

i also have this feeling that i’m being watched 24/7. i cant take a shower, or eat without being watched.

lately i have sadly enough, started to do what the voices tell me to do. i have started harming myself, with knives and cigarettes. it is the only way the voices disappear. i havn’t told anybody yet, as i am afraid of what will happen…

i really want everything to stop but i dont know what to do, or who to tell and not to tell.

i am writing here in hopes that some of you can guide me towards the right way, as i am afraid of what will happen if i dont get help soon.

Hey anders, welcome.
I’m so, so sorry you’re going through this at such a young age.

This is a very serious issue, and you should tell your doctors for sure. You’ll probably be hospitalized, but you’ll be taken care of and there’s absolute certainty you won’t hurt yourself there. It’s a good and safe choice.

I know it’s hard to stop, and you shouldn’t really do what the voices tell you to do. It’s no way to cope, hurting yourself or others will only escalate, and you don’t want that.

Please tell your doctors about it so they can help you.

Once you’re more stable you should look into therapy, to help you learn coping mechanisms for not following the command hallucinations.

I can only say it takes perserverence and a lot of strenght, and that I’m absolutely sure you can overcome this, others here have so can you.

I did other type of self harm, for different reasons, and it’s no way to live. The hospital really helped me with that.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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I also suggest you talk to a doctor about these challenges. A hospital can offer you care and you can overcome this. Be safe please buddy

I used to think the voices were wise and insightful.

They are not - they are stupid and liars. Don’t do what they tell you to buddy. You are better than the voices.


The more open you are with your doctors about your symptoms and the more medication compliant you are, the better your outcome will most likely be. Research shows that early treatment combined with med compliance leads to the best chances for recovery.

And recovery is possible. There are people here with schizophrenia who have relationships, careers, and families in spite of their illnesses and the medications they take for them. Don’t ever give up hope!

Glad to hear you are getting help. Please keep us posted. :slight_smile:

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for how long would such a hospital visit take? days? weeks? months? i am in high school, at the moment so alot of weeks would not benefit here :confused:

Depends on the severity, expect at least two weeks.

Your priority should be your mental health, high school can wait.