Bad Voices verses Good Voices

For 23 years I had negative voices… At first it was telling me to mutilate myself and it wanted me to be homeless and condemned me for not doin it. Then it turned into a nastier voice… It was hard on me all the time. Calling me a pedaphile. An evil person… everything I did was wrong. It had a problem when I drove my car, washed my hands, did the dishes. Listened to music, I mean everything. But in 2015 they changed they became kind and compassionate voices… I could talk to Buddhist deities and Hindu Gods and even Jesus and they all were nice to me and encourage me to do good things. I love these voices and I dont want them to go away.

My Question is how many of you have positive voices?


I have both positive and negative voices. Sometimes the negative voices can be friendly but most of the time I feel as though the negative voices are trying to kill me or ruin my life/existence. Even the positive ones I don’t trust because sometimes I think they may be trying to trick me. The positive voices aren’t very vocal anymore for me but I know they’re still there. I’ve started to have less positive symptoms and more negative symptoms so the voices aren’t quite as active for me but the negative ones still chatter away all day long, just not as loud. The negative symptoms like depression and lack of motivation are my real problem, the voices don’t help either.

I spent two years struggling with negative voices. I couldn’t do anything with out it feeling like I was wading through a sea of negativity. My only solice was sleep. unfortunatly my voices are also two people that I knew and were close to: my in laws. Who in retrospect are two of the kindest most understanding people on the planet. After years of trying not to respond and to pretend I’m alright I found a med that works for me. Unfortunately Not before i destroyed my marriage and moved back home which is a thousand miles away from my daughter. Now my voices are fairly distant and when I do hear them they seem to be pretty helpful. I occasionally ask them for advice or take what they say into account. It’s only been like this for five months and I’m praying that it stays this way and I have a chance to get back to building a life. I’m almost scared to start because I’m so worried I’ll relapse.

I have both good and bad voices and I have voices that are both good and bad. Not right now though. I basically am down to just one extra voice every once in awhile when I get really tired or overwhelmed. The guest speaker I call it, different people in the same spot in my head.

I get positive “voices”. They are not audible voices but are written down on paper in prayer books. These are positive “voices” that guide and console me (the vast majority of the time). Occasionally they can be negative, but, I know how to discern these as negative and not good “voices” and I know that I don’t have to listen to them or obey them. The negative messages, I just ignore them.

I get both, the voices I think are apart of what makes you, you.It can Really hit you The Voices" like they’re apart of something bigger than what is going on, when you hear them. At least they’re not the final say all to what is going on. I’ve actually gotten over them. Now they’re with me when i’m doing something. How I do this is I figured out where and what they’re purposes are. I think its a guide. When you hear a voice you can read it backwards, letter for letter and try speaking it backwards. When you hear a sentences speak the words backwards…Its kinda long to do letters per letter back but hey you may open up a bigger picture. Another thing…you can taunt them, bring it on kinda, and in doing so you’d hear a change, sometimes…well if you listen to what they’re saying before you do this, then, do this. what you hear in entirety from the time you hear the voices to taunting them and hearing them again. If you think from one sentence to the next it doesn’t sound like a normal person would say it that way. the way you remember. This should open your eyes, for dealing with them. In your head it doesn’t match what they said to what they said again. It doesn’t sound normal does it, it doesn’t sound like a person could say it the way you remember them and its true you can’t say it so. So immediately you know it isn’t someone talking to you. I hope this works. The voices positive or negative are just vibrations. Going with the flow or against it. In the moment or not. Good luck!

wait… all hallucinations are bad… now some are obviously worse… but indulging voices mean or nice jesus or devil is probably not the best thing to do… religious hallucinations and delusions are a ■■■■■■■ pandoras box of crazy… just because you enjoy what they are saying does not mean they are healthy… but on the topic of do I have nice or mean voices… mine are very much neutral most audibles I have are just random noises …the few human voices I get can be nice sometimes and mean the next… either way they get ignored and I go do something else to distract myself from them…

when one person is trying to manipulate another… fear is effective but so is being overly nice and agreeable… I do not trust anyone or thing that employs either of these manipulation tactics… example hitler tricked a whole bunch of people with wonderful words but was really a monster… they got swept up in his charisma and he was saying how his people were the choosen wonderful people… embracing them with hugs while he stabbed them in the back over and over again… so just because the voices seem good doesn’t change the fact they are just hallucinations…


Hearing voices isnt an evil thing. But after 23 years of negative hateful voices you wouldnt find comfort with positive voices? While I do acknowledge that they are Hallucinations I enjoy them just the same. According to the Hearing Voices Network hearing voices isnt a bad thing

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I agree with you mostly… but again the context of the hallucination matters little to the fact your still hallucinating… so indulging a seemingly kind voice is as pointless as indulging a mean one… it leaves you open for manipulation… I thought my odin delusions were ok and helpful until I was outside of my body watching myself jam a spoon and guitar string into my eye socket with full intent on ripping it out and eating it… the voices and delusions said I would transcend human limitaions and have all the wisdom of the universe… so it sounded lovely but I will never indulge a voice nice or not again… for the simple fact I refuse to be manipulated with fear or kindness…


I have two internal voices. A male named Arron and every once in a while a female kicks in to the conversation. They both trigger panic attacks sometimes or Arron will always use my anxiety such as if I walk down a hall he’ll say “Someone’s following you. RUN!”, and he’ll tell me things that can freak me out or get me down. The female isn’t as active. The female usually comes when I’m focusing more on the voices.

These voices though are thought like to me. I don’t hear a literal voice. It’s kind of like reading or a thought you don’t have control over.

To answer… mine are both. They have their times were they’ll taunt or argue get me down. Other times they can be someone to talk to or they will support me. Make me laugh etc.

I do talk to myself and I will whisper or talk out loud when I talk to them. Mines both.

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Well. I can trace each voice back to the other. Simply by thinking them backwards. I can go all the way back to the first voice. I’ve now got over anything that could’ve bothered me that day. If they encourage you. Maybe it isn’t all too big of a deal. If your just getting along. It’s when they’re in the vacinity of affecting your motive’s or feelings being encouragedone by a female, female for me because I think the female voice I hear is polite/smart/creative , you should always be cautious with who or what you hear. If you tried to think how they would talk to you, in a situation with say you, in your head, you’d think the two. Then after you repeat what you hear saying it to the other. Yourself, let’s say. You sense too much emotion and cannot seem to carry on with out more from the voices. Cool thing I noticed

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Mine aren’t always positive or negative. Sometimes it just sounds like a conversation not about me. It doesn’t occur for long. Sometimes they’re talking about me. Mostly negative. Positive only once in awhile.

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I have positive and negative voices and a couple in between.

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Wading through a sea of negativity. Beautifully written. I feel the same way when the voices are negative… and they usually are with me

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My delusions don’t have names. Just Good entity and Evil entity. Good consoles, guides and comforts me. Evil berates, scares, and intimidates me. I do what Good says and I ignore Evil. Pure and simple.
My pdocs say that if it ever gets to the point where I can’t ignore Evil, I am to let them know immediately.

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I had a couple positive voices.


I have a question… If you could choose to get rid of your voices and you have positive voices. Would you have the positive voices taken away?

i have both… 182836e8eoep