Finally started taking L-carnosine


So far no side effects unlike NAC which made me very foggy. I have a 3 months supply so will report back.

Found some old (but not expired) NAC. Took 1200mg

Good man …!!! Plz update…!!!


Is this for positives or negatives?


Just for negatives.


Good luck!!! 15151515


I didn’t realize L-carnosine was good for negatives, maybe I will try it!


Try it guys and then report…!!!


How much do you take?


1000 mg a day.

It’s supposed to have a lot of anti aging benefits too.

I bought 2 of these bottles so it’s a 100 day supply. Should be long enough to see if it makes a difference.


Yeah good luck with it @everhopeful.
Keep us posted!


I just bought some and took 1 pill, I will keep you posted as to what happens.


Any news on this, @everhopeful?


I only started taking it yesterday. So far no effect. 1000 mg / day. I’ll give it 3 months unless I start getting side effects.


I just took 1 500mg dose and it did have an effect on my negatives but also made me very ill (I got a headache and was sick to my stomach), I won’t be taking it again. I also bought some glutathione while I was out and I am going to try that to see if it has any effect.


Well day 3. Nothing good or bad has happened yet.


Day 4. Feeling a bit “spaced out”. Don’t know if it’s l-carnosine or not. If it gets worse I’ll switch to taking l-carnosine at night.


The “spaced out” feeling is gone. I don’t think it was due to l-carnosine.

Nothing good or bad appears to be happening yet. But it’s a 3 month experiment so I’ll probably just update weekly from now on.


Ok. Weekly update. It’s only been 12 days since I started taking it. One thing I notice is I’ve stopped worrying about stuff. Also my mood has improved. I’m probably a 7/10 mood wise. I feel somehow calmer too.


Weekly update.

Pretty much the same as last week. I feel calmer and have stopped worrying about stuff.

I forgot to take my dose this morning and felt a bit on edge and the worrying came back.

A while after taking the dose everything was back to normal.

It’s a really subtle effect. No side effects so far.

I was hoping it would help me get more stuff done but the calmer feeling hasn’t translated into action (yet).

So far it’s a success albeit a subtle one. I’ll probably continue to take it after my 3 month experiment. It’s supposed to have great anti aging properties too !


Weekly update.

Still the same. The biggest change is it’s stopped all my needless worrying.

One thing I’ve noticed is that (maybe as a result) my sense of boredom has increased. I’m hoping this is a precursor to me doing stuff.

But no side effects. However no “dramatic” improvements either. But it’s worth it for getting rid of my destructive worrying alone.

I’m only taking 1000mg a day. It’s not the cheapest of supplements so I don’t know if I want to take 2000mg a day. But maybe I will to see what it does as an experiment.