Treatment resistant sz negative symptoms?

Why do others on meds are more functional than me? I think I have treatment resistant sz negative symptoms.

They better find better meds!

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Sz negative symptoms aren’t psychological my psychiatrist said so a therapist was useless for me.

Did you try this?

Edit: @Green had some success with it (L-carnosine)

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I tried lots of supplements, either did nothing or got side effects like itching/rash and overheating. (From NAC). I will read about beta alanine.

Forget beta alanine.

@green is using L-carnosine directly.

He’s also on respiridal.

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How do you access that article? It says only health professionals can access it.

Oh. It’s changed then. That wasn’t the case.

Try this

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They use 2000mg/day, that sounds too much. How much do you take?

I don’t use it. It didn’t work with abilify.

I tried it.

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@green was only taking 500mg a day.

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Just found this today. In this study 47 out of 48 patients had improvements in Positive and Negative symptoms of SZ.

In this study 2 patients that had severe negative symptoms improved so well that they no longer fit the crititeria of ANY negative symptoms of Schizophrenia


When did he start taking this? I’ve noticed that he doesn’t show up on the forum anymore, lol. Did you have more negative symptoms after taking abilify? That may have been why. I’ve also noticed someone else getting improvement from beta alanine. They said it was a lifesaver :man_shrugging:

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I’m not able to cope with things off abilify. I’m pretty incapacitated, so on balance I’d say I have less negative symptoms on abilify.

That’s really all that matters. My positive symptoms are SZ aren’t really that bad at all so I tend to feel better anyway with less meds. It’s good to get that perspective, though. I’ll keep that in mind

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The link is not working, service unavailable.


@Aziz It works for me.

ghajar2018.pdf (745.5 KB)

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I’m using zinc L-carnosine now. I like it.
I have more energy and my socialising has improved.

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