Finally started taking L-carnosine


I could really use some improvements to my worrying. Maybe I will try it.

I see that there is a clinical trial with l carnosine and cognitive training, are you doing anything like that? Maybe I should have another shot at the CBT if I try it. I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but …


Yeah. All the trials seem to use 2000mg a day. I think I’ll start taking 2000mg from today and see what effect that has.


With most supplements dramatic changes are seldom seen. Subtle changes like the end of needless worrying is a great improvement. Don’t expect a sudden change from a supplement, it is not a powerful drug like the aps.

If the end of needless worrying is all you get from it, i would say it is worth it. Achieving inner peace is one of the steps to enlightenment. :slight_smile:


Ok I just took an extra 1000mg. So I’m offically on 2000mg from now on. Will update in a week.


Breaking news. 2000mg isn’t working out. I’m going back to 1000mg.

I just feel tired and depressed the whole time. Plus I’m getting some heart palpitations. 2000mg is too much for me.


Ok we’ve got a side effect finally.

1000mg is causing sedation. I don’t like it.

I came across this article that suggests 500mg might be in fact be more than enough for humans. And that 1000mg and higher have side effects.


I’m taking 500mg a day from now on. Will report back. But it’s suddenly not looking good. We’ll see …


Okay man plz update …!!!


First day on only 500mg and I’m experiencing withdrawals. I can’t really concentrate on anything and all I want to do is take the other 500mg. So there’s that… It might be slightly addictive.


Ok. I’m finished with L-carnosine. The experiment was a complete failure.

It just made me feel much worse by the end of the month. 2000mg was almost immediately a bad trip. 1000mg took a month to become intolerable. I.e. I just couldn’t tolerate it.

I tried 500mg for 2 days and came to the conclusion it’s addictive as I really wanted to take 1000mg even though it made me feel bad.

I also found this which was the final straw.

One important note on l-carnosine. When you supplement with l-carnosine it binds to aldehydes. Preventing them from making proteins. The byproduct is lipofuscin. This age pigment is not dangerous. But shows up as brown spots on your brain, skin and other organs.

As lipofuscin builds up over time, and this process is accelerated when using l-carnosine, it can interfere with proper organ and cellular functions.

So in summary.





Did it help at all @everhopeful?


Only for about the first 2-3 weeks. Then it all went south pretty quick.


Ok. Because I’m a glutton for punishment I ordered 200mg pills. Maybe less is more. It did actually help for a few weeks. I’ll let you know how I get on with 200mg.


A few hours ago I split a 500mg capsule and took more or less half.

I went from feeling really depressed (withdrawal from l-carnosine?) to feeling like I had 2 shots of espresso and happy.

So I’ll continue to do that probably until my 200mg capsules arrive.

It might be the case that lower doses are activating and higher doses are sedating. But I couldn’t tolerate higher doses.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

I’m kind of interested in trying supplements and it’s helpful to have firsthand accounts like this to go by.

I hope you’re helped by the reduced dose on a long-term basis!


Thanks ! I hope so too.


I’m hopeful for the “reduced worrying” potential benefit.

Recently I tried a “prebiotic” (not probiotic) and I had a reduction in worry and OCD after about 10 days, but not after a month. Took it about 2 months. No ill effects though. It’s just a kind of fiber.


Ok. I took 250mg for the last 2 days. And at lower doses it’s too stimulating/activating. It was like 4 espressos but lasted for about 8-9 hours. It was exhausting.

So I feel like I can’t really win with L-carnosine.

I basically can’t tolerate it at any dose.

Plus there’s withdrawal associated with it from what I can see.

Maybe others will have some luck with it, I just didn’t.


My bottle of 200mg arrived today and I just took one out of morbid curiosity. That and I have nothing better to do and I’m bored out of my mind. And I’m a glutton for punishment.