Finally: Lumateperone (Caplyta)

Where do you live? Is it as expensive at the place where you live?

I didn’t notice any changes compared to yesterday.

There is one very bad sounding article you can find when you search for “Caplyta reviews charade”. I don’t know how reliable it is though.


She went via peer reviewed articles so i don’t know what she saw. Everything i came up with was roses, and i and her started back in November going and digging for info.

And it’s 1300 dollars a month here, my insurance was gonna cover the lowest dose for a full year, but since i trust this pdoc and the info she sent to my husband ( alk i fo and decisions are made by he and i as a couple, as when i went to 2 pdocs alone before, we had disastrous and almost deadly results.) So she and her nurse email the stuff to him at work, he prints/writes down notes and brings it home. All of our office visits are togeter, etc. I am not making any medical decisions without backup and support.

I am a Chinese patient. Do you think this medicine is effective for your negative symptoms?


Hi. Welcome to the community. Not sure there’s many Mandarin speakers here but will allow your post. We are an english based site and our users do use that predominately. Please post in English.

We are also looking forward to lumateperone discussing this medicine in our exchange forum.

Thanks for updating us.

I cannot judge this by now. At least, it didn’t worsen anything after 6 days.

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It is not worth spending so much money for us.

Hi, I am Chinese too. Welcome to this forum. I have not seen any good review for this medicine yet. On, I saw four reviews and all are bad. Kind of disappointed. What med are you taking now? I heard abilify is best for negative symptom so far.

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Risperidone has been waiting for new drugs. It’s terrible



I saw a paper saying that tropisetron can improve cognitive impairment in schizophrenia patients.

Interesting, its an Alpha-7 nicotinic receptor, I wonder if nicotine has the same effects. I must say that nicotine did improve my cognitive symptoms. What I need the most now is a med for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

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有没有勇士敢去尝试 然后报告一下结果

Do any warriors dare to try and report the results

New medicines suck. They’ve barely been experienced by people I would not take them. It’s scary. Imo. Aripiprazole is as new as I’ll go.


我无时无刻不在关注精神分裂症新消息 我希望有一天可以有一种药可以让我们恢复到病前的状态

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Use Google Translate to post in english:

Here is what you said:
I am always watching the new news about schizophrenia