According to, Lumateperone is “Available in pharmacies March 2020”. Does anyone know the exact release date?

What can we expect from Lumateperone? Effective for positive symptoms with very few side effects, but what about negative symptoms and cognition?


I’m pretty sure it’s available now

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I don’t think anyone tried it here other than trials.
Its said to improve negative symptoms slightly by stimulating glutamate receptors like sarcosine and glycine.

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I’m scheduled to get it once my doc’s health clinic is “presented” with it as an option by a pharma rep. My pdoc is not happy about that, the system says it’s not allowed or restricted in their prescribing list because they haven’t been charmed yet.

I can only see Mercy healthcare, so no choice but to wait. But she’s bringing it up constantly to her boss, squeaky wheel and ■■■■. But she’s gonna write it first day she’s allowed.