Finally: Lumateperone (Caplyta)

I’m taking my first capsule of Lumateperone 42 mg tonight. Steady state should be reached in 5 days.

Will share my experiences here.


Is it an AP? 666999

That’s awesome. I wanted to be out on that med, but my doctor hadn’t heard of it yet. So he put me on Vraylar instead.

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I think you’re the first person here to take it. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes long term for you , for sure.


Good luck!
Yes please keep us posted.


@Schizo3 what are you current symptoms?
Do you have negative symptoms like avolition or anhedonia?

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Do you have apathy (no emotions)?
What’s your hygiene level and bathing frequency?

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I have no positive symptoms, but severe negative (e.g. anhedonia and apathy) and cognitive symptoms. Hygiene level is normal.

I woke up after 45 minutes with tachycardia, then they gave me Lorazepame so that I could sleep (the somnolence due to Caplyta wasn’t strong enough). Therefore, I’m feeling dizzy. I also had dry mouth after waking up, but it’s nearly gone now. I cannot say if it has something improved yet, have to wait.


dry mouth was very common as a side effect during the trials, do you think the tachycardia was from the lumateperone?

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I’m not sure, let’s see how it is this night.



What? …so it’s no good?

he’s been on it one night there’s no way you can say if it’s good or not


Could also be getting withdrawal from the last medication he gave up before trying Lumateperone.

Best of luck!

You not got any positive symptom till now?

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I’m free of positive symptoms for over a year thanks to Cariprazine.

My second night with Lumateperone was much better and I’m feeling less dizzy and tired today. Plus: No noticeable tachycardia. Dry mouth only in the early morning.


Any sexual side effects?

I don’t notice any.

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Thank you for being one of the first to give this a try, what is the cost?

Keep us informed about negative symptoms, lack of emotions, lack of motivation, energy, lack of pleasure, asociality, self-neglect and poverty of speech/thoughts.

Thanks for informing us. :grin: