Finally: Lumateperone (Caplyta)

Ok. I suspect it will take some weeks until I really feel some difference because Cariprazine has an elimination half life of 2-3 weeks and in the past I had the best experience with monotherapy.

@brandotron: nearly 3000€ for 30 capsules.

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Are you in Europe ?

That’s expensive!!!

The USA price using GoodRx is about $1320 a month.

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Why change to caplyta if vraylar was working? I saw three reviews about Caplyta online. They all gave it one star. Plus one other member from this website tried it during clinical trial. She didn’t like it either so she switched back to abilify. I had high hope on this med. I really wish you do well on this. Please keep us updated.

Do you have any withdraw symptoms from vraylar?

Vraylar wasn’t working that well for me: Insomia as a side effect (couldn’t sleep without many sleep drugs), it even worsed my negatives slightly and only improved positive and cognitive symptoms slightly. No withdrawal symptoms yet as far as I can tell.

As I have tried all other APs before and Vraylar was the best for me since 10 years, I wanted to give Caplyta a try. If it improves social performance and has an antidepressant effect without serious side effects and without worsening the cognition compared to Vraylar, it would be a win!

After this night, I feel slightly relieved, but I guess I have to wait several weeks. Head of psychiatry is coming to see me today or tomorrow.

I think what makes Caplyta so expensive in Europe is that I had to order it from the US.

Can’t wait to hear good news from you. Best wishes!

Even if you ordered, it shouldn’t be 2x the price

The reviews I just read online about caplyta are horrifying. I don’t really want to try it now. I’ll keep an eye on this thread and hope the OP has success with it.

Where did you find reviews?because I can’t find any


The reviews are scary.

One of the reviews said they won’t let you exit the clinical trial which make their discontinue rate close to none. I wish more people review this med. So far the best overall review med is latuda but it is not too strong for voice.

Need more reviews, those are early reviews abilify have those kind of reviews as Welland it function similarly to lumateperone

My positive symptoms are potent, I don’t think I could afford to go on Caplyta.
It’s probably going to be another weak AP.

It might turn out to be a reasonable medication for the people it helps.

My pdoc dig up a binch of info on igt, wrote for me, but told me told my funeral outfit cause my allergies, side effects , reactions then add on my blood issues, heart issues TIAs, and all those she said IF i filled it, she wrote it buf basically told oharmcist not to ot do anything to show me the nice 30 page black book on it. I didn’t get it, but pdoc called hubby to see if i took first dose and passeed.

If that’s not enough of a ■■■■ no way warning i don’t know what is. She had ER on call that an ambulance with a 35yr old sz patient trying this med may be coming in coding. I have kids, i’ve decided guineau pig is not ok for my family.

You have a lot of word salad,theres years of clinical trial conducted on the medicine. It’s safe

There’s blackbox warning on all antipsychotics anyway

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May be word salad, but i’m glad i found a pdoc that looksed out for my health. Our healthsystem that my doc and insurance is thru wouldn’t let anyone look at it without a drug rep providing their ■■■■■■■■.

I’ll take being alive over selling a drug. And i’m glad she said that’s one she won’t be writing again. And i know most have a black box, but this had things that she had to contact people about because of how things are worded, if you’re not willing to put your harms in black and white, you have no reason to be outting that ■■■■ out there.

Good luck to you, hope you find peace in your life.

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