DNA's theory of cigarette addiction and method to quitting smoking

I’ve been a smoker for 10 years and a user of NRT for 4 years.

I’m about a week free of the NRT’s

The theory of cigarette addiction

There’s 3 aspects that make cigarettes addicting;

1. Holding the cigarette
2. The throat hit you get from the cigarette
3. ‘The craving’

The craving is essentially just nicotine withdrawal.

The method to quitting smoking

The NRT route allows you to get rid of;
1. Holding the cigarette
2. The throat hit you get from the cigarette

And you’re essentially left with just the craving.

You’re more than halfway on the journey to quitting now.

Once you get rid of the craving, (which is hard af) you’re going to face physical withdrawal (sweats, tremors, etc) and mental withdrawal (depression, anxiety etc)

To rid yourself of these symptoms, I suggest low doses of caffeine and moderate intake of Lions Mane and keeping yourself occupied.

It’s too early to tell if my method works but I’ll be reporting in a month to see how it goes.

Anybody care to join me on the journey to test this method out? Post here

Unsure but you’ve some points.

All’s I know is chantix was so bloody easy. Confuses nicotine receptors to say they’re engaged whilst bouncing off them. Partial agonist…? if that is the term and I tried everything else to no avail…

It’s proven technology if you get over the side effects for most.

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How long did you smoke for and how long were you on Chantix for @rogueone ?

How was the withdrawal from Chantix, if there was one ?

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I smoked basically a pack a day from 14…maybe 17 a pack a day when I was working till I was 39.

Chantix I didn’t even finish the course. Smoked two packs a day for the first period of a week or so. Got to a point and just stopped. Didn’t want to spend money anymore and it was ever so easy.

Made me a little sick to my stomach in the first week or so but other than that it was easier than I’d ever even imagined and I was a serious smoker.

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Oh, okay.

Reason I’m asking is because I took Wellbutrin (just a Chantix copy) and I started smoking even more cigarettes and became manic.

I think it was cuz Wellbutrin robbed the feeling of cigarettes, and I was really addicted to how the cigarette felt in my hands and the throat hit it gave me.

But good on you that you just managed to stop it like that. That’s fckn hard.

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Wellbutrin was marketed as a give up smoking aid but it’s action is different.

Chantix is targeting nicotine receptors which most folk have more of I think is the reality.

Wellbutrin also acts on nor epiledrine ( spelling ) . Effexor does that too but with serotonin which I use as well.

Still. Chantix/champix isn’t for everyone.

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I smoked for 15 years and by the end of it I felt like complete shite. Sinuses all mucked up, out of breath, coughing, terrible circulation… I just couldn’t go on. I had no problem quitting because smoking made me feel terrible. I don’t remember any withdrawal, but I did spend the following few months coughing up phlegm.

Good luck with your program @DNA!


It’s an honor you calling it that. :grin:

Thanks @anon1517417 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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