Demons are after me

I got a sign from God that I need to be careful because demons are going to kill me. What should I do? I’m scared.


You need to talk to your doctors. Demons are not real and you will be physically allright, I assure you.

On a side note: if you realize that those thoughts are delusional you can try to calm yourself and wait until the doctors cure you.

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They are real though. Also my doctors don’t do jackshit about anything it’s not helpful at all… not a delusion even though you thiink so

It’s definitely a delusion. There’s no such thing as demons.

There definitely is, it’s even on the Bible

Spider man is in a book. It doesn’t make them real.


Sigh but the Bible is different
Also don’t make fun of my religion

Not if it’s causing you to have religious delusions. You need to separate yourself from that or you’re only going to keep yourself sick.

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I’m not making fun of your religion. I’m telling you you’re choosing to make yourself sick with it.

Your having religious delusions. Tell your docs about it


Why are they delusions? And I don’t want to tell the doc anything

I’m not sick you understand i’m healthy!

This comes back to the lacking insight thing. If you had insight you’d be able to recognize that they’re delusions.

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You’re not. You have schizophrenia.

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I don’t have SZ… i’ve never even been diagnosed with it

Well I know they’re not delusions because I have insight

What brings you to a schizophrenia forum?

I was diagnosed with psychosis like few months ago and my friend recommended this forum for me once

That’s not how it works.

It works that way for me at least