Having doubt again about if I was psychotic or not

but i feel like they were just intrusive thoughts not delusions

People don’t believe their intrusive thoughts. For example, I used to have intrusive thoughts about my loved ones dying. I did not believe it meant my loved ones were going to actually die. I just wanted to be rid of the mental images of their deaths.

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In your mind, what is the difference between a delusion and an intrusive thought?

intrusive thought is like a thought that comes into your mind and is distressing, delusion is a false belief that you believe in 100%

Using that logic, can you tell me what part of this post doesn’t sound like a delusion?

Or this?

i believed in it only like 80% and only for like an hour or something so not a delusion

Just read over those posts.

You are a smart person. You are capable of understanding cause and effect. Therefore, I am left with the conclusion that you are intentionally arguing something you know is not true. Why are you doing that?

okay last of those 2 posts are delusions…

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I use to also say I was never psychosis and it not a loser thwarted allot of ppl that are normal and have good jobs and are considered winners that have it

No one can help you if you don’t start by helping yourself and accepting reality, I see ppl denying their illness as slightly delusional as they don’t believe reality and live in their own world. In this world everyone knowledgeable told you you have psychosis, Drs, family, nurses, us, etc

Ok fine I have had psychosis then
It doesn’t change that it felt real back then

I know that you will say you don’t need meds and that you don’t have psychosis again. No one can really help you. Idk if you will ever get over that delusion.

Its like a residual symptom.

As Has Been Said Before @ninjastar,

The Sky Appears Blue to Me (!!!).

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No one is arguing that delusions seem completely true and real. That’s what all people with delusions experience. That’s why they believe them. They’re very real to the person experiencing them. But I’m reality, they’re not real if everyone around you says it’s not real and not happening.

In my case, I keep assuming my circumstances are different. That because the men are good at being hidden I’m the only one who notices them because I’m hyper vigilant. But because no one agrees, I take my meds just to be safe. This is what you need to do

Maybe you will accept reality when you become an adult. I refused to see Drs for my violent and suicidal delusions and voices when I was 15. I saw a Dr when I was 19-20 but I didn’t tell him everything because I still felt ashamed of the truth. Are you ashamed of your psychosis?
I think that you will accept your illness when you get older.