Crystal’s help thread #5

I’ve been stable always so idk why should i stay on meds

You have not always been stable Crystal. I still remember the demons coming after you, the tv talking to you, the poison in the shots, etc.

Why does experiencing those things make me unstable

By stable I mean not in psychosis. You were in Psychosis less than a year ago. I remember it. I remember your posts on this forum.

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I don’t think i was psychotic

Why is that psychotic?

this quote is psychotic

“I got a sign from God that I need to be careful because demons are going to kill me. What should I do? I’m scared.”

Thats just intrusive thoughts

No, it’s not Crystal. That is what you call Psychosis. You thought that you received a sign from God that demons were after you. That is not just intrusive thoughts. It’s the very definition of a delusion.

I never was delusional

Ok, well I’m not going to argue back and forth with you on the point but I personally think you admitting that you have had these issues would go along way. Rather than just denying them all the time.

I have tried accepting it but i always end up in a psych ward forcibly medicated

Admitting that you have had delusions in the past will not get you admitted to a psych ward. Is that why you have such a hard time with the truth? Because you are afraid of the psych ward?

yes i hate the ward

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Yeah, I wasn’t a real big fan myself either.

So how to avoid getting admitted?

I doubt that they will admit you to the psych ward unless you become unstable for some reason. If you were to stop your meds for example you might have a relapse.

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Crystal, why do you repeat the same things incessantly? All your posts are the same and there’s thousands of them. I don’t agree that I’m psychotic, but I don’t blow up the forum constantly repeating the same things over and over and over again. And the repetitive threads are not because you’re autistic. There are plenty of autistic people on this site who are not doing what you’re doing

Maybe mood stabilizer? For intrusive thoughts