Cut carbs no schizo

I dont have much time.

I may not have schizo as bad as others but

I wanted to come here to share.

If I cut carbs my schizo symptoms go away. If I start eating them multiple days in a row they come back.

Maybe this would help others.

There is even a case study on pubmed about it and lots of research relating schiz to grains etc. Not a lot of research but some.



When they figure it all out I might try it.

Has been research that some sz suffer from gluten problems. It does seem a very small number though. So it maybe just a matter of a gluten free diet rather then cut all carbs out. As the one thing we do need in our diet is fibre.

This is me, in every way, which is why I’m on a mostly-grain-free diet. Oats are the only grain I eat, as they aren’t like the others. Corn and wheat are horrible. If I eat either, I’m mentally trashed from a week or more depending how much of it I ate…
I know many sz would benefit from avoiding grains. It has to do with many things, not just gluten-intolerance.

I think eating healthy like cutting carbohydrates can help you feel healthier,but I don’t believe it can do a lot to mental health,I believe it defitnately help with physical health and prevent physical illness,it’s a positive things to do anyway

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Every time I eat oats I go totally out of my mind for a while, and the meds are useless against it. It sucks because other than that I love oats. I’m trying to get by with eating wheat because I don’t want to care so much about what I eat. I do enjoy my bread.

Maybe I built a tolerance to certain grains after avoiding them for a while? But yeah, I think the technical term for this is leaky gut. In me, it also caused a pretty bad thyroid imbalance. In any case, it’s never fun.
Try supplementing with B-vitamins and Flax-seed oil, if you aren’t. Most gluten-sensitive/celiac people tend to be low in this department.

Twice I had my B-12 checked and I was deficient, so you might be on to something there. I should probably start taking B complex again. Thanks for the info.

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I have tried out many different diets - low carb, gluten/no wheat/casein free diet, South Beach diet, Atkins etc …
What I personally discovered for me, it is best to eat a variety of healthy foods and I do include healthy carbs.
A diet or supplements should never replace medications - Eating healthier does make one feel better, but medications are the mainstay treatment for schizophrenia, some therapy cannot hurt either.
Cutting out all carbs is unhealthy - our bodies need healthy carbs to function properly


Carbs arent really what humans have evolved on. Only in the last thousands of years have we eaten grain.

Fruit isnt that predominant.

Humans evolved on a fat diet. Organ meats dairy muscle meat. With wild herbs.

The question is u could have tried not taking meds on the atkins or low carb diet.

Meds are created by a human scientist in a lab. I dont think its a great idea to be dependent on a pill.

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Meds are the main treatment for schizophrenia.

Can u delete that post I changed my original post upon rereading the post.

I am presently on a low carb diet, to help with my diabetes and weight loss. But I dont just eat meat, I do allow myself some healthy carbs like veggies and a tiny amount of fruit. It looks like I lost some weight but I am going to weigh myself in a week or 2 to see how I am officially doing

I had the minimum amount of carbs daily for 5 years on the Atkins. I lost weight but my symptoms did not improve. My cholesterol stabilized though. I am now on a different diet that is also low carb and I notice no changes in my symptoms. I’m glad you used the word “maybe” instead of claiming cutting carbs will help EVERYONE. It’s like going on an egg salad diet and your symptoms go away. It may work for YOU and a couple other people, but not everybody. Because you KNOW as well as I do that since schizophrenia was first formally identified and diagnosed in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s that you are not the first person with schizophrenia to eat a low-carb diet since that time so I think I can safely say that a low-carb diet is not the end-all answer to schizophrenia. If it was it would have been brought to everybody’s attention 40 or 50 years ago.


If you could tell me the function as to why low carb diets affect schizophrenia, then I might believe some of you.

I’ve cut carbs in the past and found it hasn’t reduced my symptoms. It has helped with weight loss. Eating too many carbs leaves me feeling bloated and gassy, but not more ‘schizo’.


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Im really not talkin low carb.

More talkin ketogenic.

Im not crazy. At least the cops told me so. Jk.

Anyway realistically it has been bad. But if I basically stick to meat and veggies Im 100%.

I do eat nuts. But mainly meat fish.

It makes sense. My brain no likey glucose.

Try ketogenic. See if anything happens. If you do eat anything with carbs even nuts or a single piece of fruit make sure you get adequate exercise to burn it off.

Your brain runs on glucose. If you don’t eat carbs, your body turns other things into glucose, otherwise you would pass out.

But I think a low carb diet is essential for some people

Diet has a huge impact on health and mood. I’ve been mega dosing b vitamins and I’m finally getting some relief from my symptoms.

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I’ve heard that we (schizophrenics) need more vitamin D.