JOURNAL: Journey to find schizophrenia cure

Day 1.

Made a choice to give fasting one more chance - to get rid of schizophrenia.

This thread is mainly to serve as a motivation to keep me going. I usually quit every time I try to do it, but this time am determined to endure it to the end. I’ll post daily updates until the day I quit, which will hopefully be on New Year.

PS - had a meal 14 hours ago, so this is a fresh start from the old post.

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Fasting may very well make you worse off due to mal nutrition


Cool. Please tell me how fasting can help with schizophrenia.

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It’ not something I can explain from a scientific perspective, but from my own experience spending 7 days, sometimes 2 weeks fasting; I found it to be healing in terms of schizophrenia symptoms. I still hear voices, but am no longer paranoid, anxious or conscious of people speaking to me ( No longer hear strangers talking about my schizophrenia voices etc. - also don’t hear their constant voices in my head)
My reasoning behind this ; to find out if I can completely get rid of everything shizophrenia.

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There is no cure forget looking for one.

Recovery is possible though and that means something entirely different .


I’m interested. I also tried it but never have the discipline to continue long enough. I read something about a Russian doctor (Cott), who said water fasting for a long period of time could cure chronic schizophrenia. He actually tried it on quite a lot of people and claims 70% were cured and the cure lasted when they kept a restricted low-fat diet after the fast. I can’t find the official research study now, but it is there somewhere on the internet.

I’m not sure whether I believe in it, but I’m curious.

Good luck!


Please stop posting this suggestion. It is dangerous advice and could get someone killed. Fasting actually causes hallucinations, even in healthy brains. That is the reason so many religious people choose to use it as a way to achieve spiritual enlightenment. They consider the hunger-induced hallucinations to be spiritual in nature.

The reality is that intentionally starving yourself can cause loss of bone density, malnutrition, fainting spells that could give you a concussion, gum recession, tooth decay, heart attacks and a whole host of other problems. The “side effects” of intentionally starving yourself for a month are far worse and more deadly than anything the meds can cause. And it will definitely not stop your psychosis. For my evidence, I cite the fact that this is the third time you’ve tried this, so it obviously didn’t work the first two times. Not sure why you continue to think this is a good idea.


Day 2.
Had a dream; my brother came to my room and intentionally removed all his teeth in front of me(they looked like smokers teeth), but he had another snow white set that he intended to use to replace the ones he removed. But when he was going to replace the teeth he removed, I questioned him as to why he removed his old teeth - told him, “It’s just because of how your feeling… You didn’t have to do it.” After, I felt like he wanted to punch me. Then the dream Ended.
So you can imagine my reaction when I read @ninjastar talking about tooth decay :smiley: .
Anyways, it’s been roughly 24 hours making it day 2 of my quest. So far, no noticeable changes - still hearing voices the same as yesterday. Thinking of muting all sounds around me just to make sure my efforts are working, but that always just results in voices popping up and me thinking wft.
Anyways, this is just a personal journey of mine… might just be another delusional schizophrenic phase, but am hoping it won’t be after I finish. Besides, if I do get rid of the voices, what better place to mention it than here in our little gathering of schizophrenics :slight_smile: Anyways… don’t look at this as a campaign to get people to try fast… just view it as another record to debunk fasting as a solution :slight_smile: ) that is, if am not schizo free at the end of it.

You sound pretty delusional right now. Starvation has been known to lead to some freaky dreams. Expect more of them. Please get help. You have an eating disorder.

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A lot of people suffer because of schizophrenia… and the worst part about that suffering - they’re told it’s forever.
Just want a different reality away from that…
Won’t deny the delusional aspect of what am doing, but I’d like to wake up one day with something else on my mind.


If you don’t have food or water for a month, you could actually die. You will almost definitely get hospitalized. This is very dangerous and you’re going to permanently damage your body.

Osteoporosis is forever. Tooth loss is forever. All sorts of metabolic diseases can be forever. Please stop while you still only have one “forever” disease.


This thread is sounding very delusional from the OP. I hope the OP gets help or eats something cos they will starve themselves crazy otherwise.

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I worry for you, @david. When I was in college, my best friend had a heart attack because she was starving herself. She now has permanent heart damage, and she very nearly died.

Day 3.

Right now I just want to walk into an all you can eat buffet made of meals from all the fast food restaurants you can think off… haha, so hungry.
Anyways, voices are reduced to few rare pop ups, but my thinking is still erratic - constant thought cycles of mostly deluded stuff. Thinking of blocking my thoughts, but after 3 years of schizophrenia, feels like second nature.

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I have posted a positive response, but I have thought it through and want to take that back. I can’t delete it though. Maybe fasting has positive effects, I don’t know. But it certainly does have dangers. Even more so if you try it while delusional, because you can’t see the dangers realistically anymore. Please seek the guidance of a medical professional. Normally people who fast for more than a couple of days are carefully monitored by a doctor, because it can be dangerous, even life threatening. And if you’re delusional it is even easier to end up all messed up, physically or mentally. Whether you believe in fasting or not, it’s just not something to try on your own & while borderline psychotic. You should seek help. Please, stop doing this to yourself and/or seek guidance from a doctor or psychologist or so.

I do understand the obsessive wish to find a cure - I do the same. But this is not the way.

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I have also read that acute fasting might increase dopamine levels - which I suppose makes you more psychotic.

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