Anyone tried niacin (B3) for schizophrenia?

i tried niacin, the flush kind, i didnt really notice anything, maybe slightly less voices. i still have a big bottle of it in the cupboard i don’t take anymore. it’s funny everyone who learns you have schizophrenia does a little research online and then tells you to try niacin haha. it’s definitly no antipsychotic drug in effectiveness. but i was so eager to find a more holistic natural approach like vitamin therapy, i tried it too.


I’m not taking high doses, just a tiny 100mg. I’m happy to say it’s helping my stomach issues out.

I read that niacin increases stomach acid and is good for acid reflux and gerd problems. Acid reflux can be caused by either low stomach acid or high stomach acid. In my case I can guess it was low stomach acid because niacin has helped in that regard.

I’ve been taking it for a week, just low doses and it honestly has helped.

For example, I never used to be able to handle tea since I’ve have schizophrenia, but now I’m drinking tea again without stomach issues.

So I’m curious if this is the niacin/b3.

Usually if I have a cup of tea I get stomach pains and everything, but after small dose niacin, just 100mg a day, I have non of that.

Im hoping it’s the niacin, I can’t think of anything else I’ve taken.

I never used to be able to


Honestly guys, niacin is known to help certain schizophrenics. It could help you.

Honestly I’m having results with just 100mg, no need for high doses like 3000mg for some people.

It may even help my schizophrenia. I know it’s helping my stomach issues , and so far I’m happy with that.

Certain people with schizophrenia have s as niacin/b3 deficiency.

I’m only taking 20mg and it’s helping my stomach. I’ve never been able to drink orange juice without it upsetting my stomach, but now after b3 I can.

I’m so happy that at least one of my problems have been sorted.

I can also drink tea now, which I couldn’t before vitamin b3.

All some people need is only 20 mg of this vitamin for it to work wonders.

I’m so glad I discovered niacin, finally something is helping.

I’ve also been taking reishi mushroom, so that could be helping. But I don’t think it’s the reishi mushroom because I tried that years ago and didn’t get this relief. So it must be the b3 niacin.

Ive always had stomach digestion issues!

Is niacin the help ive been needing for so long?

I will continue at low dose niacin, just the recommended daily allowance, and see how it goes.

Theres definitely something about these B vitamins.


Glad you found something that works for you.

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Hey @Green. Glad you found something that helps. Could you keep all your posts on this topic to this thread? That way, people will be able to follow your updates more easily and the forum won’t getclogged with B3 posts.

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Yep no worries @ninjastar

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I take 500mg niacin occasionally, like maybe twice a week. It appears to help me against racing thoughts.

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I’m too afraid to try that dose lol.

I try and keep at the daily recommended allowance. Everyone is different and I’ve read people taking high doses with success.

For me it’s helping my stomach. I’ll take that.

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The niacin is helping. I take methylfolate with it now because too much niacin needs methylfolate to balance it out.

When I take too much methylfolate without niacin I get depressed, but adding niacin stopped the depression completely.

Also if I only take niacin for a week without methylfolate, I get thoughts of family members dying. Once I take methylfolate with niacin it completely stops.

I’m now taking methylfolate with niacin, and that does the trick.

I learned that niacin stops the side effects of methylfolate but didn’t believe it. Though it’s true, niacin and methylfolate work together.

Methylfolate is simply vitamin B9 , but it’s the type of folate that everyone can utilise. A lot of people have trouble converting b vitamins.

Im not saying it’s helping my schizophrenia yet because I take antipsychotics as well. It’s hard to tell. My mood is much better.

I watched a video on YouTube about a woman who constantly had intrusive thoughts of family members dying, and they successfully treated her with methylfolate.
Well, I had those same thoughts after taking just niacin for a week. So I thought I’d add methylfolate to see if it works for that, and it does. So taking niacin without folate isn’t a good idea, for me anyways.

So I guess you need niacin with folate, they work together.

I’ve tried to be clear my experience with the b vitamins. Im gonna be as honest as I can to see if b vitamins can help and update this thread.

Nearly all birds in the world are becoming deficient in b vitamins.
I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems there’s something about b vitamins.

Plenty of times. It’s good, but U need 2 be consistent with the doses 2 see any results.



Yea I noticed folate and niacin work together. I thought it was mumble jumble but I see how they work now.

Basically niacin raises dopamine serotonin and other stuff which helps Parkinson’s disease.

I tried it, but I kept getting extremely nauseous (sometimes throwing up), several hours after taking it… IDK why I had that kind of reaction. Weird.

I’m glad it’s working for you. :slight_smile:

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I’m feeling very good today. Don’t know whether it’s from niacin or the reishi mushroom, or both, but I feel myself.

How long will it last though lol

I’ll update tomorrow.

My sleep has been great also.

Actually I’m only taking the niacin without the folate now. I still take folate now and then though.

I’m in a very good mood. My emotions are smooth and calm.

Hmm… I take 100mg flush niacin every other day.

But I’ve noticed that it seems to calm me down. I’ve been in panic mode due to real world stuff recently.

So now I’m taking 100mg twice a day (200mg per day). Once at midday and once at 6pm when the first one wears off.

It seems to be doing a good job of stopping the obsessive thoughts I’m struggling with at the moment.

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I hope it helps.

Also coffee and tea inhibit vitamin B1/thiamine. Drinking too much tea and coffee will stop thiamine absorbtion.

I take 50mg of thiamine 2 hours before drinking tea or coffee, just incase my thiamine is low because I used to live on tea and coffee.

Thiamine needs magnesium to work and vice versa. Magnesium regulates melatonin (a sleep hormone), so if your deficienct in either you could have sleeping problems.

Also thiamine is used to help absorbtion of folate (another b vitamin).

If anyone has insomnia (trouble sleeping) , then it could be best to take thiamine with magnesium an hour or 2 before drinking tea or coffee.

That’s what I’ve read. Magnesium and thiamine need each other .

I could swear my sleep has very much improved.

Don’t take too much niacin. Listen to your body. @everhopeful
Though, I hope it helps.

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i dont think any ONE thing will cure sz. Its a delicate balance of things; like a recipe…for health

Some therapy
some meds
some supplements
some lifestyle changes
some social help

all come together to make a nice dish

sure a cake has flour but putting a bunch of flour in water is not going to give you cake… it takes a variety of ingredients and in measured amounts…i guess thats for each of us to determine…

anyway thats just my 2 cents lol

TL:DL yes i think B3 may help but its not the cure alone