Niacin didn't cure my Schizophrenia, may be something more is needed - I found why niacin doesn't work --- Magnesium was missing

Niacin didn’t cure my Schizophrenia, may be something more is needed.

In two of my posts I posted that Niacin cured my Schizophrenia but it bounced back. Also I couldn’t sleep for almost seven days and then my body started to react then I took Olanzapine 10mg sedative anti psychotic went to sleep. I stopped taking niacin, I will now take 1 gram of niacin per day instead of 6 grams of it.

I now take

  1. Resperidone 4 mg daily moring

  2. Olanzapine 10 mg daily night

  3. Brahmi - Bacopa monnieri

  4. One gram of niacin

If I have lots of money I will buy health supplements.

Thanks and sorry for the misinformation on the crackpot cure. May be niacin alone wouldn’t do it. I did notice one thing, Niacin makes anger to cease to exist.


Thank you for posting an update. Niacin does not cure schizophrenia, and the doctor behind that theory was proven to be a crackpot.

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Most sz tend to be low in B vitamins, however Niacin didn’t seem to help me much either. B12 and I believe B6 had effect.

It certainly does seem to help somewhat.


No ■■■■, I hate to be rude but come on. Niacin is just a organic vitamin, you couldn’t really think it would cure one of the worst mental diseases.

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Didn’t you go off your antipsychotic when you tried this? And no sleep for 7 days?!

That would be a sure fire way to get messed up in a hurry

Why not? Think of the horrible things that happen to people when they simple don’t get any Vitamin C.


It’s easy to get lured into quack cures when you’re ill. I think @anon93437440 deserves some credit for coming here and updating us on his situation. It isn’t easy admitting that you’ve been mistaken. Let’s give him a break.


The cynic in me was highly doubtful that you were cured. And I wouldn’t be surprised if your anger came back.


Its just a concept. If someone told you pigs feet was the cure and you ate pigs feet, and psychologically you felt cured for a while, you would be mad as hell once you found out that truthfully it was all mental and you been eating nasty ass pigs feet. I believe he felt cured due to the other medicines he listed, and just because niacin gave him a “normal” feeling, he thought psychologically it was a cure.

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You tried something and it didn’t work. Good for you on being proactive with your health as everything together can make a difference. Being healthy is never a bad decision.


You probably stopped Olanzapine abruptly. You should’ve tapered.


Niacine is never meant to be cure, its just alternative way of replacing antipsychotic, some people benefit from it and some dont, the only harm naicine can cause is damaging the liver in a high dose. There is licensed psychatrist that treats patent with supplements, i think he uses different type of supplements.

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Now I’m using Olanzapine 10 mg every night.

Nicain 1.5 grams thrice daily with 400 mg Magnesium twice daily and 5000 IU D3 vitamin and 200 mcg Selenium thrice daily and now I feel better. I think Niacin works better when you take Magnesium with it. I’m not getting any itches after including Magnesium and now, I’ve a better mental clarity.

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I will try that one of these days. So, far I’ve tried vitamin C and it helped me with this very uncomfortable emotion that SZ bringsl.

I just met with a nutritionist and she shed some light on why the niacin doesn’t work. According to a micronutrient profile I had done I have 2 genetic mutations that make me 70% unable to convert folic acid into folate. I’m also deficient in vitamin B12. B12 and folate are necessary for the methylation cycle to work and being deficient in them throws the whole methylation cycle out of whack and niacin isn’t able to be metabolized. She has me on Folate and B12 for 2 months and once that gets methylation going she’ll give me niacin and it should work then. I’ll try to post a picture of the methylation cycle so you can see how this works:

The methylation cycle is also necessary for production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin as well as glutathione which is implicated in schizophrenia. You can have the micronutrient profile done through Spectracell ( It’s a few hundered bucks but it’s worth it to see if you have these mutations and deficiencies, they just draw some blood and send it off and you get the results in 2 weeks. Since I started taking the B12 and Folate I’ve started feeling pleasure in day-to-day things which has never happened before in my life! I don’t know what to do with myself. If you start taking the B12 and Folate it should have an effect immediately.


Deficency b12 can cause psychosis, i hope thats the only reason to your psychosis and you can be treated with supplements without needinga medication.

There is no cure for schizophrenia - antipsychotics can control schizophrenia, but they do not cure schizophrenia.
Niacin will not cure schizophrenia for certain. If I were you I would be having serious discussions with your psychiatrist, and he or she can give you appropriate medications to help you with your symptoms.
Supplements can make you physically healthier, but are far from curing schizophrenia

That’s all speculation really. Niacin works on my positive symptoms 100%. All the other vitamin stuff I tried did nothing or gave me a headache

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