B vitamins for schizophrenia

Hi everyone, I have discovered something- large doses of B vitamins are effective for schizophrenia! Specifically B6 & B12 are effective, I have tried both and they work great with no side effects, they are harmless, just vitamins. I take B6 & B12 every day and it has been helping me alot! I was previously feeling very ill but taking B6 & B12 has eliminated that!


Good to hear they help you. I also take B-vitamins. A multi plus extra B6(about 25mg) and 9 microgrammes B12.

Be aware that very large doses are not without risk though. Consistent dosing of B6 100mg or more daily is associated with a risk of nervedamadge.


I take the daily recommended of both and they help my negatives a bit, which is nice.

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Can help perhaps but it’s not gonna cure it.


Yeah, it just moves the needle a bit for me and that is all. It takes a whole pile of different things to get that little bit extra. That little bit is the difference between getting stuff done or being stuck in bed all day, though.

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I can recommend vitamin B8(Inositol) as well. I have been on 2grams daily divided in 2 doses a few months, and it makes a difference in thinking much more constructive and feeling calm. It regulates hormones. There is some evidence for it to be effective against OCD.


A steak has about 2.2 microgrammes b12. That’s about 5 times what you need in a day, not 1200 times what you need. Where did you hear that?

“Beef. Beef is an excellent source of vitamin B12. One grilled flat iron steak ( about 190 grams ) provides 467% of the DV for vitamin B12 .”

And the body can actually store several years worth of B12.

“Because the body stores about 1 to 5 mg vitamin B12 (or about 1,000 to 2,000 times as much as the amount typically consumed in a day), the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can take several years to appear [7,40]”

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6oz steak 533% so a 12-16oz steak 1,066%

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there’s a ton of b vitamins in energy drinks. I think caffeine and the other ingredients can increase dopamine.


I take a B complex and a B6 vitamin everyday. I notice more alertness because of it.

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I eat beef maybe once a month now. I have discovered it disagrees with me and the discomfort after is not worth it.

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yes eating healthy does help. It may sound stupid but if you put in glazed donuts and french fries at the end you will feel miserable. If you didnt have schizophrenia but ate a diet really lots of sugar, im not talking on cookie a day but tons of sugar, you’d have alot of side effecs from that aswell. First you have unimagingble hunger all the time, and the brain fog oh deeeeer. then its bad for your teeth. Your gut bacteria will become bad sugar takes away some of the minerals im not sure which But I though it was magnesium

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Currently trying Biotin. I like, I have tons of supplements at this point, love every single one of them honestly.

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I take a b complex, and iron tablets, and biotin. Biotin for my fingernails. To make them stronger. The iron is for anemia and it worked.

I bought a b complex brand high on almost all b vitamins it seems
Got it off iherb

U think it’s dangerous? Just maybe gonna take one capsule
Hesitating now cause of the fear ppl instill sometimes

Glad B vitamins worked well for you. Me, too, take B complex daily. I take it mainly for better energy and sleep. I suffered from fatigue for a long time. B complex and CoQ10 are supposed to work for good energy.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) causes neuropathy at intakes of 1000 mg per day or more

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It is probably safe as long as it doesen’t have very high doses. B-complexes are usually within safe limits.

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What do you think of this?
B12 looks high
I read excess we urinate out? I have avoided taking it cause of ppl talking bad about it