B vitamins for schizophrenia, Toronto

I’ve heard that B vitamins can be used to help treat schizophrenia. Specifically b3 being of use which I find interesting because in orthomolecular treatment(vitamin therapy) B3 is also used to help treat smoking addictions. Many people with schizophrenia smoke, and it seems to help with focus and motivation. Apparently it is because Nicotine just acts like Niacin(b3) and so it helps somewhat, but smoking obviously has too many negatives to be an effective treatment.

So what I was wondering if anyone has used this sort of treatment and if it has worked for either schizophrenia, smoking addiction or both?

Also if you have and are in the Toronto area I was wondering where there is a clinic that does this sort of treatment. I’ve started looking around, but haven’t found one yet, although I am waiting on a call for one that may use orthomolecular treatment for schizophrenia but the receptionist said she didn’t know and had to ask one of the practitioners.


Niacin (b3) treatment for schizophrenia has been completely discredited. It’s just one guy a doctor called Abraham Hoffer who promoted it. No studies could verify his work.

Antipsychotics work. B3 doesn’t.

I came off meds for 2 years taking mega doses of b3 and just ended up psychotic in hospital.

In short, b3 has no antipsychotic effect. Also it doesn’t help with smoking either.

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If you suffer with Schizophrenia, you need an Antipsychotic.
B Vitamins are not replacements for medications.
If you ditch your AP for B Vitamins there is a good chance that you will be Hospitalized.

You realize that the website itself schizophrenia.com has articles on the effectiveness of B vitamins for helping to treat schizophrenia right?

It would be in addition to anti psychotics… not a replacement.

Niacin (the flushing kind) can help one’s brain grow blood vessels around a blood clot, in the off chance that your SZ symptoms are due to that.

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So because exercising is good for increasing strength, it’s not also good for increasing heart health? I’m aware your heart is a muscle… but the point is that it aids in brain function so why does it have to be limited to only be useful for stroke patients?

You’d think on a schizophrenia forum you’d encounter less skeptics, but this is worse than posting about a theory that isn’t mainstream on a physics forum.

I’m looking for real information on it. If you have a good link to post that debunks Hoffer’s studies then post it. If you have something that supports the use of b vitamins then post it.

Don’t just say you’ll end up hospitalized or post articles showing alternative uses for b vitamins and then say it is limited to only that specific case and nothing else with no proof.

I just want to know more about it. So elaborate if you have reasons please.

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I supplement with Niacin (B3) in the off chance that it might route blood vessels around a suspected brain clot I have, and it seems to help a little. The biggest improvement for me I feel is due to taking Lysine though, which can actually dissolve clots.

I tried non-flushing Niacin for a few months due to the adrenochrome hypothesis but it didn’t seem to do much.

Hoffer’s claims regarding schizophrenia and his theories of orthomolecular medicine have been criticized.[6] In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association reported methodological flaws in Hoffer’s work on niacin as a schizophrenia treatment and referred to follow-up studies that did not confirm any benefits of the treatment,[23] prompting at least two responses.[24][25] Multiple additional studies in the United States,[26] Canada,[27] and Australia[28] similarly failed to find benefits of megavitamin therapy to treat schizophrenia. The term “orthomolecular medicine” was labeled a misnomer as early as 1973.[23] Psychiatrist and critic of psychiatry Thomas Szasz, author of The Myth of Mental Illness (1961), called Hoffer’s ideas about schizophrenia “pure quackery” and his claims “arrogant” for attributing the condition of mental illness to an unsubstantiated nutrient deficiency (a physical illness), as well as their support for Schizophrenics International, a group that attempts to deal with schizophrenia similar to alcoholism in Alcoholics Anonymous.[29]

Also this is a good link.


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Niacin, the “flushing” kind, causes slight dilation of blood vessels…hence, the flushing response. As long as you’re not hypotensive, dilation leads to improved blood supply to many areas. This can lead to increased oxygenation of tissues, to brain and body. Does it help sz? I don’t know. But B-complex vitamins in general do increase the body’s ability to process energy so I guess that’s important for everyone. I take a supplement but that’s cuz I eat like crap…I don’t know if levels that are supraphysiologic help sz or not.

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I took B3 and felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.

I go to a guy who practices Orthomolecular treatment. I’ve gone to him for thirty years.

I do well. For one thing, I’m 67 years old and look young and beautiful.



Oh yeh, niacin? I remember falling for that one!

Sadly it didn’t do anything for me.

I’ve been young, and I’ve been beautiful, but never the twain have met.

well i actuallly tried niacin for three months and found some improvement in my sppeech and exccessive eye blinking completely dissappeared but after that i did not notice anything .I haa alook at the crtics follow up study and found that they used much lesser odes than hoffer .aslo hoffer mentioned a lot of

Sounds like a bunch of popycock to me

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There is some evidence behind this - see this summary we have on our website:

B-Vitamins for Schizophrenia


Hi, do you take Niacin?Was IT good for you?How much do you take and what is name of Niacin do you take?Thank you Alena

I’m now 71 years old and doing well.

I took Vitamin B3 for many years. It didn’t seem to be a wonder drug for me.

I buy most of my Vitamins from Swanson.

Hi Jayster, glad you are doing welll. So you think B3 vitamin makes no sense to take?Do you take antipsychotics and what type?How many years do you take antipsychotics?Did you manage to do Job during your illness?I take Olanzapine 2.5mg and Lithium Orotate plus supplements. Olanzapine makes me hard to wake Up and IT makes me tired, I do not have as much motivation as before. So far my condition was not stable. I suffer from mood swings too. Recently after starting Lithium Orotate I feel more stable.

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Anyone heard of Vitamin X? It may cure sz.

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