Schizophrenia cured by Niacin -- update I do need anti psychotics. Niacin alone doesn't help

I suffered for long time. I’ve been a failure for 34 long years. I’m 34 year old male who had success with a Mathematics-Physics theory called “Fundamental Theory Of Existence - FTOE” and been a failure in all other walks of life. I’m single and had to use anti psychotics precribed by more than 6 psychiatrists. I shifted to Geodon after knowing it from internet and it made me free of side effects that are acompanied by other anti psychotics but 1. Paranoid dellusions and 2. Hallucinations didn’t go away, they kept persisting.
I researched on the internet and collected various books — all about schizophrenia.

And found that B3 vitamin known as Niacin is the cure for Schizophrenia and had no money to buy it from America… I’m from India. My father gave me 4000 Rupees and with 4300 rupees I bought 5 bottles 500 mg 250 capsules each bottle and had to wait for 28 days for ground shipping from USA to India. Today Niacin arrived and I had to pay 1,080 rupees for customs fee. Each bottle costed 1000 rupees. I took 1 gram 2 capsules I got minor flush second time there is no flush third time there is no flush. 6 capsules per day 3 grams per day. I took 3 grams today May 8th 2014 and my

paranoid dellusions and hallucinations


My Schizophrenia is cured.

. My pre frontal lobes don’t work (schizophrenia) so I have little or no working memory but Niacin gave me relief. For the first time in 20 years I finished reading 1/2 book.

Dear friends Niacin cured my Schizophrenic brain.

Buy Niacin don’t buy Niacinamide or non flush variety.

Just buy Niacin and use 3 grams per day in three divided doses.

I also bought Dr. Abram Hoffer’s book “Niacin: The Real Story”. It is not available for free.

It cost me great deal of money but I’m back. My life is now back. When I was 17 years old I was healthy and later Schizophrenia took my life apart. Now at 34 I’m back to 17.

17 again.

Please use Niacin. I’m your friend and it’s my duty to let you know what most of the psychiatrists don’t know.

It’s pathetic that most of the or almost all of the psychiatrists don’t tell you about Niacin. It’s pathetic they don’t even know Niacin.

Niacin is the cure.

Please use it spread the news. Our Schizophrenic friends need help. This is the least I can do. Please share your story here.


Sorry, your theory has been debunked time and time again. Niacin does not cure schizophrenia.

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From wikipedia:

Hoffer’s claims regarding schizophrenia and his theories of orthomolecular medicine have been criticized.[21] In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association reported methodological flaws in Hoffer’s work on niacin as a schizophrenia treatment and referred to follow-up studies that did not confirm any benefits of the treatment,[22] prompting at least two responses.[23][24] Multiple additional studies in the United States,[25] Canada,[26] and Australia[27] similarly failed to find benefits of megavitamin therapy to treat schizophrenia. The term “orthomolecular medicine” was labeled a misnomer as early as 1973.[22] Psychiatrist and critic of psychiatry Thomas Szasz, author of The Myth of Mental Illness, called Hoffer’s ideas about schizoprhenia “pure quackery” and his claims “arrogant” for attributing the condition to a nutrient deficiency as well as their support for Schizophrenics International, a group that attempts to deal with schizophrenia similar to alcoholism in Alcoholics Anonymous.[28]

If the notorious anti-psychiatry doctor Szasz calls you a quack, you really need to look at yourself again.


Yes - as others have pointed out - unfortunately during research done during the past 30 years Niacin was not shown to be a significant help for people with schizophrenia. You can see our coverage of this here:

perhaps it helped you, but that would be in the strong minority, the research suggests.


If you take 50 mg niacin you may flush. Keep taking niacin in high doses and you will flush for 2 or 3 weeks and later there will not any more flushing.

In my case I took 1 gram during noon that’s when the package arrived. 1 and half minute later I experienced flush and for a second felt electric in the brain but brain has no pain, it’s not pain something electric I used the word electric but the real thing is it felt like piracetam effect. After 1 hour I took another gram and at night I took 3rd gram. Second time and third time there is no flush and this is something that’s not ordinary. It never happened before. I’m not a quack … this all happened today. I’m still awake. No dellusions, no hallucinations. I’m back as I was when I was 17 year old boy. This is not a joke. I am telling you the truth. May be it doesn’t work for all. The flush not happening is a mystery. 2 grams and no flush? This is some serious thing that happened to me. Believe me. I’m not lying I’m not joking. This is the truth.

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way12go, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Niacin. Very happy that you are having good results. Sounds like it probably will not benefit most, but if even one person tries it and, like you, has positive effects after reading your post, that is so worth it.


awesome man, Ive been taking niacin for the past 2 .5 years, my current dose is 3 grams twice a day, it took about 6 months before it started to work, and it seems to be the right amount to keep away hallucinations and such ,
several times I back off of it and the symptoms would come back so I know for sure it works!

It really is unfortanate that the studies are inconclusive and therefore gives niacin a bad wrap.
I wouldnt say it is a cure, but it definitely manages all the symptoms , something that I will probably be taking for life or atleast 10 years

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There is a metric butt load of niacin in my weightlifting supplements, multivitamin and energy drinks, I consume plenty of all three. I guess it might be one reason I function so highly. You would not have a clue that I am schizophrenic if you met me and apparently even if you talked to me every night for two hours for a month. A person I have started dating has no clue.

But there is no cure, when I get stressed out, my symptoms leak through my medications. Not like a torrential downpour of psychosis, just enough to notice. Like for example, I was anxious as hell earlier today in a class and had some delusions run through my mind while the professor had us introduce ourselves and such. Like one of them was that a girl in my class was put there because she looks like a female version of a guy I dated and that was part of some experiment to see if I blushed when I saw her face. I quickly realized “Oh, I am must be anxious as hell if I am thinking that sort of crap.” and dismissed it as schizophrenic garbage.

You learn to live with it being treated to where it doesnt make you legally insane, you never should expect or hope for a cure- it is not happening soon. It may never happen. Certain cases and symptoms are more treatable- my symptoms are relatively easily treated and there is a possibility for a cure for my case. I just dont expect one any time soon. I dont plan on being cured. I live with side effects and being less than 100% symptom-free. Close to 100%, but not quite.


Hope is a good thing, but I agree, don’t plan on a cure any time soon.

I agree with you on that, Im definitely not 100% but the niacin makes it manageable, and yup big stress can ■■■■ me up and cause minor psychosis, and if i drink too much alcohol i will for sure get symptoms coming back.

when i have had a psychosis in the past lately , i just up my dose of niacin for a day or 2 and it usually disappears then go back to the normal amount

for me dating can be tricky, cuz sometimes i get into these moods where i just dont want to talk at all, and the girls like omg whats wrong, are you ok? what did i do? , lol , so i am still working on that!

I took 1 gram of niacin as my first ever dose and I felt the flush, minor flush within a minute or two and it quickly went off. Also I felt as if some electric charge was passed though my brain and it never happened later when I took niacin, it didn’t even happen when I took 5 grams of niacin. The flush was always minor or non existent and I don’t why others have flush but I don’t. I bought the niacin book, Niacin The Real Story for a little over 400 indian bucks and still didn’t read it… It has been two months since I’ve been taking 5 grams of niacin daily.

In the internet I read that niacin gives you good sleep. If I take niacin I can’t sleep for 48 hours. If I use anti psychotics [Olanzapine] I can sleep without problems. Also if I take niacin and don’t take anti psychotics then what happens is…


  1. I can’t sleep.


  1. My thoughts increase and this is pro if I take niacin with anti psychotics.

Increase of thoughts is a con if I don’t take anti psychotics. Thoughts increase so much that I can’t even move.


I take…

  1. 4 Mg Resperidone [ anti-psychotic] daily morning.

  2. 1.5 grams of niacin morning and 300 Mg Lithium Carbonate

  3. 1.5 grams of niacin after noon and 300 Mg Lithium Carbonate

  4. 2 grams of niacin daily night along with 300 Mg Lithium Carbonate

and 10 Mg Olanzapine [ anti-psychotic].

For one month I used Brahmi high dosage and it increased by consciousness.

If I have money I will buy all types of health supplements and they are available from swansonvitamins dot com. I get niacin from them [USA].

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There are different types of Schizophrenia. I’ve paranoid type. Negative symptoms.

Paranoid delusions is the problem.

This will help me and you.

I’m an Atheist.

Im very confident about dating. I am a 21 year old full time student who is jacked as hell. I started off confident but would have diarrhea before the date. I made a great impression on the first person I dated when I entered recovery, we kissed when I dropped her off at her house. It was actually my first kiss.

Oh boy since then I lost count of the people I kissed and have had sex with three people.

Dating is a lot easier if you arent a virgin, I find. After I learned that sex with me is enjoyable for men and women, I felt much more confident about asking people out and talking to them. Im bisexual, by the way. I prefer the company of less masculine men. In the gay community they are called “twinks”- skinny young men. Oh how I love skinny young men. Girls are ok, I like girl’s legs but other than that I sort of prefer everything else about guys…but I am sexually and romantically attracted to men and women. I have better relationships with guys. Girls sort of think I am scary when they learn a bit about me.

I am masculine as hell but my voice doesnt match my body. I dont have a very deep voice. I mean like uber masculine and dominant, I have also been told that my eye contact is intimidating. I make more eye contact than most people, my therapist said he would say it is the first thing he notices about me- I hardly blink when he is talking to me and I only look away if I am confused or trying to think of how to say something. I get offended when people who I believe to be normal dont look me in the eye. If someone has schizo-anything I dont blame them, I do have a couple of friends who have some schizo-something. One schizotypal friend and one schizophrenic friend. Anthony, my schizophrenic friend, will make eye contact most of the time. Lumina, my schizotypal friend, does not make much eye contact. She is so cute though. I feel like she is afraid of me or something but then I remind myself that she is abnormal in a different way than I am. I am abnormal is how I DO make eye contact and not look away and hardly blink.

I have been told that I am very dominant and I have scored at the highest for dominance in personality inventories. I was told that one of the reasons I like to have sex with less masculine men is because it a dominant act, but not the only reason. Apparently my mind is so masculine that I cannot stand most young women and do not want to understand them or listen to them. I have had a relationship with one girl, and she was a sociopath, so she when she stared into my eyes and told me about herself on our first date, something clicked in both of our brains and the next day we were friends with benefits.

I also cannot stand some feminine subtleties like too much jewelry or too much cosmetics.

wow what did I just write this has nothing to do with niacin

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Also I take



Alpha lipoic acid



to avoid type-2 diabetes due to anti psychotics.

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Same here. I consumed impressive amounts of niacin for over a year on a daily basis. Didn’t affect my symptoms that much. The biggest benefit was in how it mitigated the side-effects of my APs, allowing me to retain more mental acuity. (Taking L-Carnitine and Creatine also helped).

Gotta say this one is a no go in terms of use as a cure. Would still recommend it as a supplement to improve overall function.


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I’ve been taking multivitamins focussing on the B group as the B group is best for the brain, omega -3, genko etc etc. I tried focussing on that instead of taking meds. Still ended up in hospital after an episode last year. Supplements do have there place and taking my meds and the above seem to work best for me but fail to be cured

I took vitamin D for a while after tests showed I was deficient. I don’t take anything unless a test shows I am running low.

Can I ask how many years since you were diagnosed before trying niacin?

At least 20. I know people who have used the stuff all through the prodromal phase up to being diagnosed and then past. No help.


Yeah I’ve hooked up with a lot of different women (40+) that’s natural and easy for me. If I go to a bar I don’t even have to do anything and they come up to me. But continuing it beyond a friend’s with benefits relation ain’t easy for me just not a big talker