3 positives


I had moussaka was lovely
Getting my routine blood test right now
Quit the gym yasss


life is hell
but i dont care
i dont have girlfriend


my new makeup is looking better because i have practiced now, doing it every day, looks more natural
my sister might now not move a 3 h bus ride from anywhere, hopefully
my twitches might not be TD, it seems it isn’t really getting started properly anyway!


its meant to be positive spooks

  1. 7/28
  2. Ate nutritious lunch and breakfast.
  3. Renewed my license but have to go back in 2 weeks to change my name.

  • Had a good conversation with one of the peer support workers I “supervise” at work.
  • My son and I cooked dinner together. We decided Friday is his dinnerday - every week he gets a budget with which he can buy groceries for the evening and a dessert. He is the chef cook. Of course I guide him through the whole process, but he decides (within the budget and two boundaries: it should be healthy and to his dismay have at least one type of veggies) and does a lot of the cooking. We had pasta with shrimps and lettuce with tomatoes. Just that - no sauce, no herbs, no flavouring, no dressing. He likes his dishes plain and simple. Oh well. :slight_smile:
  • I called the old lady I volunteered with before. It was nice to hear how she is doing.



  1. I slept a full 8 hours without waking in between
  2. We ordered in food at a nearby restaurant.
    They have great food and free delivery
  3. Tonight I’m watching my hockey team

  • i treated myself and bought a very cool retro boombox, a muse cd, a tee shirt and hot dog lunch
  • i facilitated the action group so it was peer led and it went well
  • met an old friend for coffee and had a good chat.


I slept well.
Made it to therapy and got my shot.
Had a good mood most of the day.

  1. I asserted myself when a guy tried to kiss me against my will a few times. I decided i dont do anything i dont fully agree with anymore and i wont continue to date with anyone who disrespects that. All that might sound logical, but it wasnt for me in the past.
  2. I had a nice dinner in a restaurant.
  3. I slept late.

  1. Woke up feeling well rested (for once)
  2. Had fun time with friends
  3. About to have a delicious dinner consisting of ham and potatoes in cream

  1. No work today.
  2. I have no pain from my surgery.
  3. I got paid yesterday.



  1. I got some sleep even through the pain
  2. My son and i had a nice supper and evening together
  3. Messaged a friend who lives far away. We haven’t chatted in a long time so it was nice to hear from him

  1. had a chill day
  2. Had some diet Coke
  3. Had some chocolate cake :yum:


Woke up early refreshed.
At gym.
Going to an AA meeting next.


Had wonderful day with my son, ex and his daughter. I love them. :slight_smile:
No delusions and fear at the moment. Happy and peaceful mood.
Had a nice walk outside.


Visited grandparents to watch the football game
Got out of bed before noon
Did a lot of reading


THREE ginger tea, pukka, iM enjoying this tea
cut my sister’s hair
Washed my own hair----I don’t do that too often