3 Positives #3

Type out 3 things that are positive about your day. It doesn’t take much effort to find just 3 things good in your day. One can even be that the day is finally over. This is a quick brain training exercise that helps you learn to see more positive things in your life.



Talked to some people.
Scared some people.
Did some cool things and impressed myself.


Only got a week longer at the study and am feeling more confidant things will be okay.
Talked to the nurse a little and feel better cause I’m not isolating anymore.
Had a nice salad, then the study coordinator brought me a nice plate of healthy catered food. Roast chicken breast with broccoli and red potatoes.


my mouth is watering now :slight_smile:

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Coffee. I woke up on time and didn’t oversleep. It did not get super hot out like it was supposed to.

Thank you for posting this! I needed this!!!


Feed my dad’s troll. (the cat.)
Had my second vaccine shot !
Got some package I was waiting for ! (a power supply cause my PCs doesn’t work.)


no problem, I’m hoping lots of people can feel the benefits of this thread. its very good writing down good things that we have done during the day :slight_smile:

@Follement that’s great you’ve been vaccinated now :slight_smile:


Thank you. Yeah that’s great.

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Got out of bed
Went to Clubhouse and got treated well by good people
Visited this site and got thinking more than I could think on my own


Had a fun coffee date with someone I haven’t seen in 9 years

I get to see my husband today

The weather is perfect


I attend a clubhouse too :slight_smile: its great isn’t it? is your clubhouse a big building? ours is an old Church with two levels :slight_smile:

@Human sounds like a great day :slight_smile:


I had mental health support group tonight

I survived tutoring

I haven’t overeaten today.


My Cowculator says I’ve saved 711 lives.

I got to see my favourite gal.
It was a quick visit but atleast I got to tell her I love her and clean her other favourite baby girl is in sa and she’s a dog.

I walked my brothers dog.


My day is just beginning, but here are three positives from yesterday.

  1. Hauled my ass out to the studio and did some recording

  2. Had a nice steak dinner with potato salad

  3. Finally broke down and took some pain meds. Working in the studio kills my back. It was nice to be pain-free for a few hours


Back home from hospital
Had a nice morning with my mom helped clean the house for when my grandparents come to visit today.
Didn’t lose my health insurance/care have amazing people invested in my recovery and treatment and I love my fam.
Getting better at removing toxic people and asserting my space.


My 3 things today were

  • I had coffee with some friends
  • I spent 1hr 30 mins at the clubhouse
  • I read a little and drove to a carvery for dinner

Annoying thing that happened- I was supposed to attend a zoom at a specific time but i got the time zone wrong :frowning: (i feel like an eejit bc of that) it was a WHO suicide prevention webinar.


Had a good day, i woke up feeling great, its the best i have felt on waking for a long time :slight_smile:

3 things i enjoyed doing today

  • Coffee
  • Volunteer work
  • gardening

What kind of plants are you gardening?


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I was just trimming back some weeds for my neighbours patch as it was getting a bit too wild (he is too elderly now to maintain it) i had to balance on a ladder to trim down the top of something as it was blocking light into his bathroom window and i cut away something that could have caused damage to the drainpipe if allowed to grow behind it,

Apart from than i filled up the bin with water so it should last until the end of Summer.

I also watered my stuff, I have sugar snap peas that will flower in a couple months, potatoes flower and i think carrots do too lol and the rest are all herbs,

My other neighbour has been buying loads of plants & I’m not sure what they all are tbh we have about 30 pots on the patio,

I’m keen to sink a pond in the ground at the back to attract more wildlife but bc i have a walled garden idk how that will work.


Oh niiice, sounds like you got a lot to keep you busy!

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