3 positives

  1. Got to spend a lot of time with my son
  2. Watching the bomber game with my daughter, son and ex husband
  3. Going to watch the Jets game soon


Woke up feeling well rested.

Went to the gym and walked for 23 minutes fast pace.

Came him took a cold shower, cleaned up, put on some nice clothes, made sure I was smelling good.

Went to a group for schizophrenics at NAMI.

Went to work.


My husband bought me a Coke.
I made and ate stuffed pork chops.
I got some charcoal crushed for a sugar scrub I’m making.


I visited my mum and made an omelette
I picked up a girl and we spend the evening together
I designed a poster for my fundraiser texting service on just giving :slight_smile:
(ran out of ink in my printer :frowning: )


Spent 45 minutes on the treadmill.walking and some running.

Got to tell family I love them and my man came home safe and well.i literally hanged on my holy sacred neigh for short but precious moments and got to drive my car there.thankful that I have a car.

Did not binge eat today.


Hello I am to this site but quite old with schizophrenia past 20 and counting


I didn’t feel like going to work today and took the liberty to switch all my work days just for this week. I’m free to fill in my work myself, but it still feels a bit scary, like doing something I’m not supposed to (even though I know it’s fine). Today I worked half a day in a coffee bar instead of a full day in the office. Thursday is my normal day off and I will work in the office. Today I just really felt like doing something different. Feels okay like this, I did some stuff that I needed to do, the change of environment helped me do some things.

I will go out for dinner with a friend in an hour or two.

I had nightmares, but they didn’t have an impact as they did in the past. I just let them go when waking up.


3 positive symptoms
delusions halluvinations
third ? ideas of refferece

  1. I decided paperwork can be done tomorrow.
  2. Coffee tastes extraordinarily good
  3. I have no reason to leave the house

  1. Made Pesto again. So good and easy, but a bit expensive for the fresh basil and pinenuts. Going to try my hand at growing basil on the window sill this winter.
  2. Walked 20 minutes.:walking_woman:
  3. RT 8/28 :white_check_mark:

Bonus positive: Just found the emoji’s on this forum.


Hi @fragrence welcome to the forum :slight_smile: if you have any positives please feel free to post,

@spooky you got the wrong thread, you need the 3 negatives thread :wink:

way to go Skims :slight_smile: what’s RT btw?

  • I served meals for lunch at my clubhouse
  • I designed a page for my fundraiser on canva at my clubhouse
  • I helped my mum fix her air in her fish tank
  • I did a load of shopping :slight_smile:

I reckon if you have more than 3 or less than 3 it is ok :slight_smile:


RT is shorthand for radiation treatment. Just 20 more to go. I’ll finish December 12th. Then onto the next thing


oh right, i hope it works out skims x


I love this thread

I took a bath
I started the slow cooker lasagna for later today
I joked around some with my husband and son

I guess technically that’s 4 positives, did I do too many?



Hope this site will give you inspiration,help ,support and etc


  1. Had a good night of teaching.
  2. Have food to eat.
  3. Have a roof over my head.


Was on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

Got to hang on my sacred neigh and buy blueberries.

My boyfriend and loved ones are very loved by me and I do not have clenching jaws this moment in time.
I have not eaten bread for two days unfortunately my stomach is bloated despite that I have been so good and I said no to a coffee ice cream :open_mouth:


I seem to be calm despite my boyfriend threatening to break up with me.
He started yelling at me because he has three diabetic friendly muffins and I asked for one of them.
He said no :open_mouth:
Not generous and not ok to raise his voice at me.
He has heaps of sweets at home that I have not eaten.
He called me disgusting.
I should be treated better than that.

I have a car that’s miiiiiiiiine​:metal:t5::slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:.

My father and his wife are well and happy together.
I called to “check up on him”.


discovered the 2 teabag cup of Earl Grey… always wondered but never tried it…
had a great chat with my sponsor
my husband and I decided to learn German


My boyfriend and I apologised to each other.
We were childish fighting over a muffin.
I could of been irritable because I have bread and sweet cravings and have not eaten bread for two days and he might be irritable if he is in pain n woke him up.
I am thankful we apologised to each other.
Very very thankful for that.

I had a shower and vented verbally being bad and then apologised.

My man and I cuddled after we apologised to each other.

It means so much to me .
He is great.