3 positives


My therapist says I need to find 3 positive things about each day for the next two weeks. Want to join in? Can be anything that is positive for you. Even the day reaching its end counts if that is good for you.

Today my 3 positives:

1.I didn’t miss my ride to get my shot
2. I picked up food.
3. I remembered to set up 2 more rides for appointments.


I am smart
I am suave
I am a kind person


It’s great that your therapist mentioned that because we constantly think negatively about ourselves


Learned a lot about sports

Almost picked up a book

Ate less than 2,500 calories

  1. My high school kiddos both are having a good time at school
  2. My university kiddo drove out here to have supper with us
  3. I feel a little more awake and not so sick today


I had the day off from work.

I heard from a good friend.

I’m making some good food for dinner, rather than settling for another frozen pizza.


1. I got a new graphic novel
2. I talked to my mom
3. I fed and loved my cat.

Cool thread! :smile:


I like this thread


■■■■ you need 42 positive that’s alot. You will out do me. In my partial program I only had to do 25 and that was hard as hell. Good luck you can do it.


Wow, 3 positives …

  1. My head doesn’t hurt much anymore, but there’s still very uncomfortable pressure
  2. I did 40 mins biking
  3. Had a tasty hamburger (probably caused some brain inflammation though)

I need to apply myself and really accomplish something.


My therapist has me doing a gratitude journal, but I haven’t done it since I learned I likely have cancer. It’s really hard to feel gratitude right now. Likewise, it’s hard to find some goodness in my days, but I’ll try.

  1. I remembered something this morning just in time to fix it before it became a problem. Nobody at work found out I had completely forgotten about it and everything went as planned.

  2. I got my pre-surgery blood work done over my lunch break even though I was dreading it.

  3. I got a massage after work.

It’s hard to feel the goodness in the good things sometimes, especially with anhedonia and anxiety. I guess it’s important to acknowledge them just the same to maybe change your thinking. I could definitely use a more positive outlook.

Thanks for suggesting this.


Made it to work despite being exhausted.

A bunch of people at work were friendly to me whether they liked me or not.

And when I got home I was going into my house and the nice neighbor lady came out and invited me to have dinner in her apartment with her and her roommate tonight. Lol, it sounds like a bad porno movie but relax, we’re all in our fifties, and dinner means dinner!!



  1. Didn’t get too overwhelmed at a very busy Walmart.
  2. Did most of my laundry
  3. Had some Riesen candies. Yum!


Wow, what a great neighbor! I wish someone in my neighborhood would cook me a meal.


Yes, she is a very nice neighbor and she has been a nice neighbor ever since I moved in a year ago. And a really nice lady.


I stuck to my diet

I stuck to my new sleep schedule

I reached out to someone when I was feeling scared


I can’t think of anything

I cleaned the kitchen
I emailed my family and got good pics back
I called in to get my house payments settled


You did think of 3!


I laundered my bedding
I avoided posting something negative
I talked to myself about recognizing the bad but being quieter about it.