3 positives!🌷

I couldn’t find the three positives thread so starting a new one.

3 positive things about your day.

I’ll start.:slightly_smiling_face:

Met my loved one and we went to the movies and saw the great escape and I cried the whole movie because it touched my heart.:two_hearts:

My dog is well and has been out.:heart:

I have nice food and drink.:pray:t4:

  1. I have a roof over my head

  2. I have food in my stomach (Maybe a lil too much :crazy_face:)

  3. The weather is starting to get warm and that improves my mood.

Life can be better, but it can also be a lot worse. Im content.


I made an important phone call and cleared up the issue I was having with my food stamps.

I kept my appointment with the dermatologist and she froze off two skin tags.

Had lunch at McDonalds.


went food shopping

ate two cans of crushed pineapple

lived another day


I like this thread.

I had lunch out today with dad as it’s payday and you need to enjoy life. Had a steak and chips and salad…chips not so good for keto but you only live once.

Did some bloodwork. Have a serious concern. It’s in some blood markers just seeing the tests so it’s a worry but see doctor monday. So need to book a scan too but hey. Cross that bridge when I come to it.

  1. I am having 4 days off from work, and also travelling to relax to other city :cityscape: there will be Spa procedures,
  2. I had an amazing sleep. I am happy because few days ago my brother didn’t let to my whole family sleep.:zzz:
  3. Feeling quite good and energetic from early morning !! :sunrise:

Spoke with a friend I have not spoken with in years

Listening to ppts for exam

The program is almost finished


It`ll be a whole year since I enrolled in French, I have a solid basic foundation and will be joining a conversation group in May :slight_smile:

I called an old friend and chatted quickly

Spring is here

  1. Didn’t vape all morning.
  2. Cooked lunch for myself.
  3. Cleaned my room.

My boyfriend is visiting and apartment is clean.

Managed to make vegetarian lasagne and walk fifteen minutes with my loved one.

I got help to pay for my dog’s future vet visit next week and he is booked in which will take away his pain.(teeth are getting pulled because they are hurting him)


I participated in a salvos group today where we made a gratitude journal.
I’m happy I was part of that.:pray:t4::heart:
I also bought wrapping paper from salvos.

My boyfriend is going to renew his license and got good help with it today.

Bought a nice drink at aldi and a couple people smiled at me and my boyfriend made me a toasted roll for breakfast.:two_hearts:


Drove over and got my monthly injection.

Then went and picked up my groceries I ordered online from Safeway.

I got a homemade meat lasagna cooking in the oven and I’m having dinner with my roommate and his girlfriend.

Bonus: The neighbor lady always gets food from the county that she can’t eat and gives it to me. So I got 4 tubs of low fat yogurt, some frozen spaghetti dinners, a pre-made salad, a frozen omelet, 5 frozen dinners and a bag of apples.


My three positives for today:

  1. I got to chill for most of the morning
  2. I got through my shift
  3. I was able to eat after I got home
  • a day alone, went to shops, contact with dad.
  • looking for work (changing field after 15 years of ups and downs)
  • roof, food, alco (I know I shouldn’t but I have up smoking after 20 years)
  • listening to music (did one more because life needs to be lived)!

Got my hair cut today. Friends daughter who’ve I’ve known all her life and she’s a good cutter these days…was a bit dodgy early but it’s a long game! haha. Looks good.

Caught up with my friend and his mrs. Lovely people. He’s a champion bloke and helped me out so much through the years as he’s the car guy and used to work as a mechanics assistant…but he did all the mechanical work so he’s on point.

Had a special lunch of fish and chips. Totally blew my carb load for the day but was good. Breaded cod and when you don’t do carbs the fried chips were devine.


I found a place in Madrid.

Having a good time in Barcelona.

The sun is shining.





Did a shift at work which went fine.

Ate a healthy dinner, noodles with chicken and spinach ++.

Contacted a friend I’ve been meaning to a long time.


Got some sleep :zzz:.

My boyfriend and dog are with me.:heart:

Got a phone call from my loved one.:heart:


I have a place to live and food and water and so forth.:pray:t4:

Had a bath.

My boyfriend and dog are sweethearts I got to spend the morning with.:two_hearts: