Your worst delusion

For 2 years I was certain I had AIDS. I lost weight and even had physical symptoms it was so strong. How about yours?

That I was poisoned more than once, it actually felt like I was dying, it was the worst one. I kept forcing myself to stay awake because I thought if I passed out I would be dead. I never want to have to go through that again. I wrote so many letters to everyone I loved just to wake up and rip them up

Mine was when I believed I had been kidnapped, held captive, made to do awful things, then eventually escaping that house, filling gas cans and dousing one of my captors before lighting him on fire and burning the house down. I truly believed all of this had happened, it was terrible. A false memory, if you will, but it seemed completely real. This was during my last psychotic break.

mine has been continuing for years, I will smell and taste bug spray in my food and drinks. its worse when I taste chemicals already in the water.

Wouldn’t that be a hallucination? Hallucinations can affect any of the senses, don’t have to be visual or auditory.

sorry I had the delusion that I was being poisoned I forgot to mention that sorry. and with the conflicts I have had in the past with my in laws it doesn’t seem to me to be too far fetched that it could happen

Probably about the antichrist or someone out to shoot me.


antichrist. and that i had to drive across the country to find safety. i actually started driving…somehow i snapped out of it long enough to turn around and then my room mates took me to the hospital


In Feb 2016 I had a massive break/delusion where I believed I was Christ returned, that my whole life had been a sacrifice (it has been hard-ain’t gonna lie) and that it was now time for me to take my life so I could die and come back merged with God. I was terrified, screaming and crawling under furniture, pulling my own hair and yelling “God is bullshyt!” I was a nutcase. I cut my wrist and then took all my AP’s and mood stabilizers.

Didn’t kill me but killed my motor ability. I flopped around on the floor in my own pee unable to help myself for about 12 hours. I was finally able to crawl in bed where I slept for 6 hours before calling an ambulance. What a horrible, horrible, horrible experience.

I had a delusion that I was the only person out of all that existed, are existing and will exist that could not tolerate these terrable unbearable feelings

I had that same one. I think there was a straight jacket involved around the same time and maybe some ECT,

I thought that people were trying to get me to kill myself. I took off to Texas. I came back, but I bought a gun. It was a 22. automatic. My reasoning was that when they saw I wasn’t going to kill myself they would send somebody after me. I wasn’t going to walk into a crowd and open up, or anything like that. This was before they implemented the five day waiting period before you could buy a gun.

I remember sitting on the couch, racing thoughts of people having plots to get me. I was trying to convince myself it was just me dreaming these things up, for a few hours I was on the edge of insanity, the trauma I can not describe in words it was so intense. I went to hospital in a ambulance.

Not worst but maybe most dangerous. I could walk on water because I had a bond to Jesus. Lucky me I was driven to hospital before I could proove myself it was true in the canal.

But most terrifying was mind reading and people telling me to kill myself. Finally I gave up and tried to do it.

Another terrifying delusion was that my family was going to kill me if I fell asleep.

I thought life was fair.

I basically thought I was God and that I was being forced on medication to stop me from ruling over earth. It’s very embarrassing and I haven’t told anyone in real life I thought this. It’s hard to get over and a little disappointing that it’s not true, lol.

My last break was Horrific.
A â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  waking Nightmare

I use to think that I was the antichrist.

I thought my manager poisoned my son he was a baby at the time, probably had bad gas lol. I thought people at work ,my wife and the hospital were trying to poison me I quit eating at the hospital lost about 40 PDS ,all I would consume was sealed Insure . I thought my son wasn’t mine. I though my co worker was a child molester and the company I worked for was trying to cover it up they drugged me with truth syrome to find out about what I knew and my worst secrets. It’s so hard to pick a worst delusion they all are seemingly Taylor made to destroy our minds and lives.

My delusion was basically about playing a number of “cards” in my life, one being “utopia”, one “relationship”, one “relationship hell”, and one “hell”. I won’t go into too much detail but it was like choosing between being God and the Devil. I actually thought the meds i was forced on were stopping me from playing a card. Maybe they were, but I don’t think I want to play one of these “cards”.