Your worst delusion

Worst one was when I believed people could hear and see everything I was thinking. I thought people could see my thoughts on the TV.

I have that happen to me to this day to some extent.

Burning in hell, went so deep in my mind I was burning inside a complete comatose state for I can’t remember exactly how long it was it, more then two months I think. It happened not to long after my first psychotic break.

Anyways I was completely in there not in control of anything burning unable to get out, it was like a weird functioning of how it worked, some type of law of the land.
Was not the best of experiences, probably even worse then I’m wording it or remembering, but that experience is behind me and seen as imaginary.

Really don’t know if this can be considered a delusion or halluicenation.

Anyways that’s in the past, time to screw myself fighting with today’s delusions

I thought that life was to be fair.

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So I know I rambled and didn’t come up with the worst but I think I found the worst delusion I have had. When I was drugged by my employer/ FBI recruiter the drugs didn’t work so well and I still was able to recall the event so while I was barely coherent they drug me down the basement . They photographed me with a child they had drugged ,like child porn. After they. Were done they left me alone for the drugs to wear off. I struggled to the phone and dialed 911. They returned and took the phone away. So you can emagine how freaked out I was thinking these pictures were out of there. I had some loved ones concerned and had called the police to look into it. I finally quit my job because of what I thought had happened. Ended up getting arested for supposedly threatening my employer. Had no idea I was sick.

Quite often, mine vary from being convinced I’m horribly sick or am going to get some sort of debilitating mental illness (though I often hide the fact I think these things to others, in fear of them laughing at me); or I’ll think I’m supposed to be some character I see on a show, and that I did perhaps at one point lived where they did but I just don’t remember…
Recently, it even went to the extent where a god-like voice told me I was a goddess and was carrying two children. I did find myself staring at my abdomen continually throughout the day, wondering if it was true and just kinda befuddled.
I usually don’t fight anyone if they say I’m wrong, I prefer to play along instead of admitting what I think.

I thought my mother in law was trying to poison me. That was horrible when i lived with her because I had to watch her all the time. Nowadays it is easier as she doesn’t cook for me only but also my husband and i know shes not poisoning him. Only when she cooks for me alone and thats not often. Somehow I can’t seem to get this out of my head that she’s just waiting for a moment to strike… crazy I know but its so real!