Would you listen to the voices if they were the illuminati

Would you listin to the voices if they say they were the iluminati threatening your family with hell and promising stuff like a super mind and eternal life sex money ect. And showing you proof small proof that they were real and having feel feelings in your body that make things feel more real like things that they say or do. And if they where telling you thet that it was god and telling you that you’ll go to hell even if you do listen for a while?

What did they do to prove they are real?

They changed a girls face at the super market and moved a crowd of people

But iam not still sure I was imagining it but the crowd of people was super real to me

The answer to your question is ‘no’. The mind is an incredible tool as witness by how wrong it can go. There is reality and we can’t change it. If you were a world leader the illuminati might spend this much effort to control you. Its not good to listen to them. All that stuff is wrong and may never happen to you. Your brain chemicals are imbalanced. Are you on medication? That will help to see reality better.

No, that sounds like one of the last things I would believe!

Meh. No. They’re not real, have no power, and are a waste of my time.

Get on with your day man.

Would you listen?

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it’s hard not to hear the voices, but don’t listen. And that’s not proof, it was a delusion. Sorry, you’re having a hard time!

Thank you really means alot to hear

There’s the opinion that our voices are us trying to sort conflict we don’t want to deal with. Do you have a loss of faith or a place in your family that makes you think you need a new group to accept you?

No these voices are totally strange to me and test me like not enjoying or being brave


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I’m not religious but had a few weeks of God talking about testing me…it ended in a bad episode. The voices are chemicals in your brain…not real. Keep on your meds and stress always makes me more vulnerable so maybe keep things low key.

There not just voices they have silenced the voice in my head and lead me to things that have to do with what they are talking about or it seems they set up things on tv for me to see

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I get feelings from my body to to reinforce what they say like I can feel there bad comments or something

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Hallucinations come in many forms…textile when you can physically feel is I think the scariest…you sound kinda on the border of an full blown episode. Can you ask someone for help…take you in to get checked out?

I had a delusion that the voices I started to hear were the illiminati

And what happend?

It was really interesting at first then they wanted to kill me and I was put on risperidone. Now I only hear the word zombie repeated, very quietly if I listen at bedtime. It was all a very intense, elaborate delusion.