Voices say there the illuminati

Does any one get voices that say they are the illuminati?

No are you taking meds?

I think it’s a self defeating prophecy!

You think it means something and it does. But. It’s all nonsense and brain chemistry and it’s nothing but symptoms.

Look up ideas of reference. It’s a common concern for the afflicted!

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I don’t believe in the Illuminati.

Yes, mine talk about the illuminati. What do yours say they want?

They say they want to test me and kill me how about yours?

They want me to kill myself and join them in the afterlife. How are they testing you? They made me jump through hoops also.

They tell me they are going to kill me at 37 and I failed my tests

How old are you?

26 how about you did they say they were demons at first?

Do you get sycronisities

Have you past any of there tests?

They told me to never call them demons and in return they would not act like demons.

How long have you been going though this it’s been 3 years for me

Yes I’ve passed some tests. It gets you exactly where you think it would which is nowhere with them. Do not worry or bother about the tests. It’s just fun and games for them.

5 years. And there have been ups and downs. How about you, is it all bad?

It’s been 3 years and telling that my mom’s gone and iam going to hell

Is it scary for you?

Is your mom actually gone?

All the time it’s scary but I also know how to get them to be nicer to me.