Work...what type of work do you do...?

i have applyed for work, im mentally sharp and fit for work, i am trained as a plasterer in construction for years, but i’m willing to try different work so hopefully after xmas i will be employed, do you work and what type of work do u do?

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I’m a night watch. Cool job, no stress. I’ve neer caugt any burglar though.

I’m a gardener and do landscape/ building maintenance for the City Parks Dept. Out in the field a lot, (literally). I don’t directly work with people all the time. :thumbsup:
Other days, there are meetings… :thumbsdown:

I used to work part time as a janitor at the community centers for the parks dept. But when the parks job opened up I switched over from buildings to fields.

Janitorial. Easiest job I’ve ever had. Just 20 hours a week.

I was a welder until my back finally gave out. After that I tried being a CNA at a hospital but that went badly. I would like to try a part-time janitorial job like nick. I never really had the brains to be a welder/fabricator, I was just good at running pretty weld beads.

I drive trucks locally in my city. I used to drive over the road every other day out of town but got sick of being away from my kids and friends.

I’m a (medical) doctor, but haven’t been working for the past two months, due to a return of my psychotic symptoms and mania.

Disability Support Worker.
Look after people with differing MI’s and states of functioning.

Also work at a pizza shop as delivery driver / shop assistant

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Student, have not work in a number of years but mostly due to criminal record. Right now I am just studying to make something of my life.

I had a great full time job at a bank here where I live. Great pay and benefits until I was fired due to a psychosis coming and kicking me in the butt. So now I am on disability. It’s great to see so many people on here do have jobs though. I wish I could work but I know with this I won’t be able to. Unless I get lucky and get a break.

I’ve had 5 jobs over the past few years and have lost all of them due to episodes. Currently unemployed and my boyfriend is attempting to deter me from looking for another one until I’m stable… I’m really lucky to have him but I don’t really share his optimism about my health.

I’m a chef but I wouldn’t recommend it lots of stress involved.

I work from home now on photoshop and sell my art

Take a look

Amazing work! You should be very proud of yourself with all your creativity and skill!



Thanks @radmedtech You can try. I learn’t by spending days on end on youtube learning and putting what I learnt into pratice. Now I sell it… and it cost me nothing but time :slight_smile: Youtube is free get your degree now! haha


I’m an Art director for years, creative designs and digital painting…I left my stressing job so I’m looking for a new position…my relapse had to do with me sitting at home doing nothing !