Will Your Nieces/Nephews, or Kids Take Care of You When You Get Old

My closest niece promised my brother that he’d get a cute nurse when she puts him in a nursing home. She once told me she’d put a painting of the seashore over my bed so I’d imagine I was there when I woke up in the nursing home.


I’ve only got nieces. I want them to live their own lifes and not worry about me when I’m too old to look after myself.


Nursing homes are awful places around here and besides I can’t afford one.
Hoping I’ll die in my 60s before things get too bad for me.


I don’t think anyone will care for me, such as kids or nieces/nephews.

I don’t have kids and I don’t know if we’ll ever end up adopting.

My 2 nephews (Hubby’s side), we haven’t seen them in a few years. The parents (Hubby’s brother & brother’s wife) are having a lot of family/marital issues, so they’ve distanced themselves from us and the rest of the family. I hope that changes…I really miss them. My niece (my side), I haven’t seen her in a while, either, because I had to cut my toxic sister (niece’s mom) out of my life.

It might just be me and Hubby, together to the end. We might live in a senior community. IDK. That’s a long ways away, for me. I’m only 28 and he’s 32.


no they wont take care of me, im just hoping they will visit me every once in a while.


My daughter has her own battles with significant depression and anxiety and ptsd. I don’t see her being able to do it. But things could change over time. I hope she gets the help she needs. She’s an adult so I can only offer suggestions and support


@Blizzard That’s very sweet about the seashore painting. :heart:

I won’t have anyone when I get old. I don’t have a husband, children or even pets. I’m 47 and very much afraid of what my diabetes numbers will like be at 57, 67 and 77. I’m very isolated but am hoping to build a better support network when covid becomes less of a threat. Both diabetes and schizophrenia make me more prone to Alzheimer’s too. Getting old is so scary!

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I’m depending on money to take care of me.

But maybe my kid will too.

I don’t know,

I could be dead before it becomes an issue.

Still, it’s best to save and prepare.


To be honest: I can’t tell if my son will. I divorced and left him and his father in 2015 while I was psychotic. I’ve been a part-time Mother ever since, and to be honest I could have done better, or well I couldn’t because of my illness, but I wish I could. If I’m doing enough for him so that he will still love me when he is an adult I really Hope so, but I wont expect him to take care for me when I’m old.
As for my niece, well she is only 3 now, I don’t know her at all, because I parted with my Mother (she was very manipulating and disrespectful to me) and my brother sided with her.

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Nope, I suspect one of my nephews may have a problem with mental health. It’s a touchy subject in the house so I don’t talk about it. Once my parents pass away I’ll probably end up at an independent living facility. I don’t like to think about it. Not because of the living arrangements but because I love my mom. She’s a really good person, the glue in our family.


No one will take care of me.
Maybe my brother.


I doubt I’ll have someone to take care of me, but I do hope they visit once in awhile

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I am going to answer this one in reverse. When i was a kid, our neighbor across the street was a very sweet older woman. Her whole family hated her because she was a nun who ran away from the convent to marry her husband. They never had kids, but they were friendly to us kids. When we got older, and they needed medical help, we stepped up. We took care of them, and then just her, up until they both died. At which point her jerk family came in and contested her will and ended up taking all the stuff she tried to leave for us, but we didn’t do it for the stuff. We cared about her.

Even if you don’t have family, you might have someone who steps up for you. We didnt meet her until she was around 70.


I wouldn’t want my two nieces and nephew to care from me when that time came. They will have their own and hopefully good lives to manage by then.

Honestly I have feeling by the time I am that age things will have changed and if I couldn’t pay I’d be wheeled out and left in the snow. I can just see it too. Probably happens already.

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I want my child to live his life and not worry about me. I hope I never end up in a nursing home….in this country they have home help which means carers looking after you in your own home. I hope that is what I can have.

I’m depending on yoga, meditation and good nutrition to keep me young and healthy my entire life into my 90’s and beyond. If I live that long.


i do not have children but i do have one nephew.

i hope i will make it to a old age.

i really do not know what will come of me if i do.

my nephew and sister are not that down to earth according to me and they think they are sooo superior despite that my sister had a easy easy life.
they seem so stuck up to me that i dont feel comfortable around them and avoid them.

my nephew is only a baby but his spirit (being)seems stuck up and that he thinks he is so superior.

it is not impossible that i would be cared for if i make it to a old age but i worry about people who dont love me “caring” for me and “dominating” me etc when i am vulreble and my sister and nephew do not genuinly love me.
i gave them love and what did i get back? them behaving trying to dominate me and supress me and say they are superior to me.
i dont want or need that.
the children in the playground today seemed really stuck up and unpleasant to.really bad behaved kids not like george who i adore.

My daughter has said she will, but I’m certain I won’t be around long enough to be a burden. Wife, not so sure about.

I don’t see why they would.

I honestly have no idea. I am not going to worry about “what if’s” though. I have money saved and hopefully I will remain mentally intact enough to take care of myself when I reach old age. I will probably die before my mind goes.

Ok, now I’m a little depressed, time for a different thread.

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