Surprised by kids

my in laws grandkids are staying a few days, i’m surprised they let them hang out with me. it made me feel a bit better knowing at least the kids liked hanging out with me.


How is your ankle?

not as swollen but I still cant walk on it without crutches but it’s only been two weeks. I’m nervous about taking a shower tomorrow before my doctor appointment. I damaged it worse by getting out with my good foot and the bad one slipped on the shower floor.

Our grandkids are a major help for me, I relate more to them than most adults because when I say stupid off the wall things, the kids roll with it where an adult will only judge me, the kids accept me for who I am


Do you have a chair you could bring in? Maybe try turning off the water then sitting on the edge of the tub and getting one leg out at a time?

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its a walk in shower, my partner has to clear off the back seat. she mentioned once cleaning me like she does the nursing home residents since i’m scared to try to take a shower.

I was like that with my brother’s kids when they were young. Actually I was kind of like a big kid…

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That sounds like you had a good time. My best friend is my 1 year old i spend all day with him. Hes sarcastic and funny we just bought him a trampoline and he loves it. Everyone should hang out with children sometimes.


Two things you should know – Some kids will say something rude during conversations like whispering it. It’s called thought broadcasting. Some children are being raised to sass some adults as stigma/discrimination. Hate it but my brother in law is raising his kids to verbally harass the adults…found out brother in law was hard on people at his high school, especially some of the girls. Was really sleazy and upsetting, I just avoid him now. His wealthy family is worse and more upsetting they took care of their friends who cracked up and fed me to the wolves…This is a situation you avoid as his family is mental care too and not professional. This is real situation that will get a schizo in trouble many in this situation just choose to work instead of holidays/get togethers. Told the girls I don’t say anything rude, it’s better to avoid doing this where I work. Gets people in trouble to be rude.

Kids can sound possessed. Their internal thoughts are hijacked like bad joke. Kid says something they shouldn’t know, is always timed badly and probably embarrassing. Kid doesn’t even realize they are doing it. Some old folks do this too. Is called thought insertion. Best to just ignore it. Is bad joke.

the only bad thing that happened with the kids was when neither of us were in the apartment, one of the girls said she found one of my latuda’s in the bathroom and that’s not where I keep or take my pills so I started hiding them better. My partner thinks the girl was snooping like she does at home.

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