Why haven’t you tried Caplyta yet? This medication has changed my life

Caplyta is easily the best medication I’ve been on, and I’ve been on a lot of medications. Virtually no side effects, and my energy is a lot better. I’m able to work, and I like to socialize much more than I used to. I really look forward to Karxt coming out too, for now, Caplyta is really good.


I wonder if karXT and Caplyta are basically the same drug. Maybe KarXT is a stronger version, I know Caplyta is supposedly kinda a weak drug

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Did you lose any weight when you switched to it?


I dont think lumateperone is available or licenced to use by NHS mental health trusts just yet. Means I’ll have to wait, but i noticed its got a weight reduction effect which is new and novel. Is that applicable for yourself too?


Doc never recommended it to me. I’m off APs now anyhow.

Because I don’t want to end up taking something the ends up getting recalled. It’s pretty common, you don’t know what effects it’s going to have until a couple of years after people start taking it. Thalidomide is a pretty good case example. Not a massive fan of taking new medications that have just come on to the market. I think it’s better to be risk adverse.

There isn’t anything super special about it afaik it’s just another sga with a different receptor profile.

If you are getting a good response from current medication why is there a good reason to try anything else?


Yes, I am more or less back to my normal weight

I mean I guess if you’re okay with akathisia, weight gain, diabetes etc. there is no reason to switch

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Lmao 151515151515

Yes it is applicable, I did lose a good amount of weight. I think there are some other new medications that help with weight too though

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That’s great that you feel so well on Calypta. I hope and **** that you will feel even better on Calypta in the future.

I do agree with you Iris life is a box of chockolade you’ll never know what you get and S*** happens.

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Tried Caplyta - made me super hot and messed me up pretty bad. Also was in the KarXT trial for a couple of weeks. Won’t say too much for legal reasons, but I did not like it. Wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and to each their own.

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I am scraping by on current combo. Most meds have not worked well for me. If Caplyta did not work, I risk being probated or might have to move.

Red Rose Tea changed my life.



I would love to try caplyta but at the same time I’ve tried a few medications and some didn’t work out, plus people react so different to medications so if it works for you it may not work for others.

The only time I will be willing to switch medications again is when the new ones with new mechanisms comes out. I think those are worth trying. KarXt Ulotaront etc. Good thing is they are not so far away from being released, it seems.

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If we all had exactly the same brain and body chemistry it would be that easy


Exactly. I wish it was that way, but apparently it isn’t.


I have to say I’m sure that there will be some super responders among some of the people who try these new agents.
But I’m not the right person to switch agents. Yes those agent I’m on are old ones develloped in the last cetury but I’m also from last century. Yes I know that science evolves. But I’m no longer young so I think that I’ll stay on those artified drugs after all I’m old and artified aswell.
I’m most thankfull for having got positive symptom free.


I don’t want to take high hopes from the younger.people here so I hope and cross finger for thar you will experience advancements in drugntearapies of the future. Yes I know thar I’ve loads of negative and cognitive symptoms. But my meds cure me.for the psychosis and thats all that matters to me.