Caplyta - what is your experience?

I’ve thought about taking Caplyta. Not sure my insurance will cover it since it’s new. What is your experience with it? Have you gained weight on it? Does it cause a low sex drive? For women, did it cause missed periods? These side effects are what I’m trying to avoid.

Thank you.

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I’m having trouble editing this post - one last question, do you smile and laugh on Caplyta?

Online reviews:
Online reviews from another site

Thank you. I’ve read reviews on Caplyta before. I was hoping to hear experiences from people on this site. It helped me when I posted about Vraylar here versus reading reviews.

Bumping up post to see if someone on Caplyta would respond. What is your experience? How does it help? What are your side effects?

I’ve been in Caplyta 42mg for a while now.

Bottom line - good for my negative symptoms as well as positives. I take it in conjunction to Prolixin 15mg 2x a day, and I will soon be taking my old Latuda 40mg too. (My schizophrenia is strong and treatment resistant, I’ll probably need a multi-faceted antipsychotic approach for life).

Short half life, I feel withdrawals around 8PM, right before I take it. Little brain zaps if I go past 8PM w/o taking it. Does make me sleepy. No debilitating side effects so far, probably the cleanest antipsychotic I’ve taken.


I’ve been on Caplyta for a year and a half. I find it effective and less sedating. I feel a wider range of emotions on it than I did with Abilify.

No real side effects for me either.

I recommend trying it if you can.


Thank you @makebelieve and @Guppy.


I haven’t tried new meds like calypta, vraylar and Latuda but I have learnt that the newer the meds is the weaker it improved the Positive symptoms generally. But likewise have I learnt from the users that the newest meds have a much more gentle side effect profile. And the newest meds have the best effect on negative and cognitive symptoms. So the ideal treatment could be Calypta for the negatives with one of the older meds for the positives.

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