Why haven’t you tried Caplyta yet? This medication has changed my life

I dunno…is that true at all? This forum has been desperately looking for people who have been in that trial. I’m sure any talk about that med and it’s effects would be greatly appreciated.

Yea, I’ve been hesitant to post about it because I didn’t want people to lose hope or face any legal repercussions. I’m not going to say too much for those reasons, but it definitely was different than most APs I’ve taken before. I think it is just going to depend on how one tolerates the drug.

Hunger cravings + EPS were nonexistent. Felt totally normal in this regards. Anticholinergic side effects were not the best: acid reflux for a couple hours 1-2x a week and blurry near sight vision in the mornings. I was also busy working at the time and the appointments were far away, which may have been another reason I stopped. Ultimately think it is going to depend on the person and how it works for them.


I’m happy with my Rexulti

LOL! :laughing:


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Does it work though? Like did it get rid of your symptoms?

Also, did KarXT cause cravings like other APs when you were on it? Just wonderin

To me it looks like the side effects are better but the effects of the novel therapies is compareable to all the meds of the presence.

Kind of, ofdk not really as well as other aps. Yea there were no hinger cravings.

I tried Caplyta about 6 months after it’s release. My insurance fought it as they don’t like anything over $1k/mo anymore. I got tired of samples and tired of taking pills, so this is about when I stopped taking all my meds. Not the best idea. I never noticed a difference on the Caplyta. I do notice abilify.

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They put me on it without me knowing. I don’t know if it is having an effect or not. I take a lot of pills and I drink a lot of green tea. It’s hard to know which pill is doing what.

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