Why can’t I handle even a little stress?

I can’t handle any kind of stress, small or large.
I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me?

I’ve got an ultrasound appt for my dog in a couple of days.

It’s 33 minutes away and I’m falling to pieces!

My brothers gf will be driving us but I’m still falling apart!

What is wrong with me?!?

This is not normal.

I’m going to take enough Klonopin in the next couple of days.


I think its the sz. Since sz driving stresses me, working is even more.


I don’t even know if I have SZ

Maybe I’m just a weak person.

My brother could be right.


I’m stressed Wave. I’m a person who gets his mood from the weather… we’ve had some disappointing conditions over head this summer haven’t we? Let’s not forget this… it can’t help.

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Tell me about it! I need to go to the store and I’m falling apart. The anxiety is killing me!

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You might need to tell a therapist and talk it out.
I noticed you said you will “take enough Klonopin…”.

It might start an attachment, that when you are stressed out, you take a benzo.
So toughing it out, talking it through, working through the stress might be a good option.


Thanks @Aziz @anon64158233 and @Speedy

I can’t take all this stress!

It’s just too much!


I have this delusional paranoia and don’t feel safe a lot. @twinklestars recent post made me feel better, seeing the laboratory vocabulary and number of people they found for the study made me hopeful really helpful too in that it’s not real. This site does that too just differently!


I have a wonderful understanding therapist @Ares

My current condition can’t be talked away unfortunately.

I need to be tranquilized at this point.

Or I’m going to end up in the psych hospital for a very long time.

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Me too. Even the slightest sign of stress,
I go mad


You’re not a weak person. We all handle things in different ways. You can try some deep breathing when you feel overwhelmed. I used to get stressed about stuff pretty easily and everything bothered me. It’s not as bad anymore, meditation has helped and my AD helps too. I’m less frantic and no longer know edge all the time.


I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. I wish I could do more to help.

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I’m sorry to hear you have tried to talk it through and it didn’t work.
I understand you relying on medication now, because that didn’t work.

I hope you find a medication regimen that works for you and keeps you out of the hospital.

When is your next pdoc appointment @Wave ?

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i can’t handle any stress at all any a little.


Does posting help you relieve any stress @anon28145038 ?


ya. I got fears and delusions and stuff. So putting it out in the open and then nothing happening makes me feel safe, I guess. Thats one theory.


Same here. I’m always stressed too so sick quite a lot

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Do you have anyone to help you work through the delusions and fears, besides posting?

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I’m sorry to hear that MoonGarden.


I got some scary delusions, I guess. They’re unshakeable. Perhaps, a little fantasy in there or make believe. But I think I am John Titor (invented Time machine) and Satoshi Nakamoto (inventor of bitcoin) but it’s not real. I worry I’ll be hurt or something…just by talking about said thoughts and delusions. I have no money or proof but it feels real sometimes and feels like I was cloned by aliens or something.

Didn’t mean to derail, but ya I cannot work or do anything, and I’m scared. I feel like I got amensia and ptsd as well as like 10 other diagnoses lol…