Too much stress i cant take it

there’s too much stress in my life, I cant take it, I wanna escape. I feel suicidal but im too scared to kill myself. I wanna cut myself but im too scared to hurt my husband, but im getting more desperate to. Too much stress - I have a stupid driver’s licence test in two months time. I know how to drive (automatic car) but now I have to learn these stupid rules the traffic dept demands now I have to learn to drive like a baby and I forget all the things the instructor teaches me. Im terrified of June the 10th when the test is scheduled for. I wish I don’t have to do it. they make life so hard for me, ■■■■ them! then my husband and I can’t buy the place we are renting which we like so much so now we are house/apartment hunting and its so stressful all the upping and downing to look at places and im already sick of it, he wants me to look at houses online and all I want to do is look at my things then curl up in a ball and die, I am so at the end of it, I wonder if I can try and hide the cuts from my husband…

please dont cut yourself, just give yourself lots of rewards and ‘me’ time

you can try lots of things to de-stress like calming music or even just try relaxing with a nice warm drink, take deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth i think that might help, maybe you are doing too much as well so how about longer breaks and also talk to your doctor about it that might help, if you are stressed at night or out of hours you can ask if there is a number you can phone to help talk about things, hope this helps, take care x

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Don’t cut yourself. You will get nasty scars that you want to hide for the rest of your life.

Have you tried relaxing? Breathing exercises to reduce stress. My psychologist teached me mindfulness as a way to decrease anxiety and depression and stress.

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I’m sorry you are having a tough time. Perhaps it is time to speak to your doctor about how you are feeling. If you feel this is too much to handle have you tried calling a suicide hotline as they would be better equipped to help you deal with this.


@Hadeda Please do not cut yourself or harm yourself in any way. It sounds like your husband might be someone special in your life - don’t split the bond that you may share with him. Harming yourself would most likely upset him very much. I would talk to your doctor immediately or another doctor if this doctor cannot help you. It sounds like you can use a medication adjustment or change, the sooner the better. If things get out of hand real quick, call a suicide hotline or admit yourself to the hospital - all the best to you


So much anxiety about driving, I wouldn’t want you on the road anyway. Can’t you just drop the whole idea of driving? Many people get along without a car.

I know it’s hard, but try not to stress about things that are months or weeks away. You’re not taking the test today, nor tomorrow. I had to learn to do that years ago because I’d stress myself in to a basket case with an upcoming job 2 weeks away. It would loom in my mind, and just blow up bigger than it actually was. Not an easy tactic to teach someone else, but don’t let months from now ruin your day today. Only focus on today.

Is there any way you can get a Rules of the Road manual to study at home to learn the traffic laws away from stressors?


hypnotherapy has helped me to calm my mind so that things e.g exams don’t stress me out as much, remember to break things down in to smaller segments so that you are not over whelmed with the overall ’ big ’ picture, you see it all as smaller pictures, that is what i do.
i wouldn’t cut you are left with scars, and it will mess with your head later on when you get better.
take care


If this is that stressing for you, Just reschedule your drivers test. You dont have to do anything you dont want to do. You will always have an opportunity to do it again. When I get overwhelmed, I just keep my world very small. I just stop thinking about everything that upsets me and take care of immediate needs until I feel able to pick myself up again. Please don`t hurt yourself