How's your control of stress?

I hate when I freak out because of stress.When I am feeling stressful and then when customer come in and they add on stress for me,I get panick

It shows my dealing with stress is very lousy


gt bro u started working…

I’ve had big anxiety problems for a long, long time. I usually handle it by isolating. Since I have gotten older solitude has become gratifying.


I manage it with mindfulness and walking and positive thinking
Positive thinking can be hard


Yea,positive thinking.I admire positive thinker

I am stressed right now as leave to go to job interview in 15 minutes

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Relax,it would most probably be not as bad as you think when you reach there for the interview

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My interview went quite well considering haven’t done paid work for 13 years whether I got the job I don’t know but it’s good practice


Glad it went well,:slight_smile:


I have no idea how you manage this illness and stay in sales. that is amazing to me.

I do OK in my very low stress job … mostly alone… out in the parks.

If I had to work in a busy place and have people coming up to me all day, I’d loose it.

Customer service sales… It’s a hard thing to do.

I think I’m handling stress better then I use to… I take it in small doses. Go somewhere new once in a while… go to a busy place once in a while… I only go with people who know when I need out… I really need out.


I handle stress about as well as a brick floats. When needed I use strategies to calm down, but they barely help. The biggest problem is the more stressed I get, the worse I am at handling stress. So there’s a point of no return where I just fall apart and go hide for a day or so.

I’ve recently found one way to keep somewhat rational through stress and not freak out. I try to look at the stress causes objectively. I try to see them for what they are and how they don’t put me in any real danger. Above all, no matter what, the world keeps turning. I, however, find it very hard to view things that way. It’s like I’m drowning, struggling to keep my head above water and can only occasionally pop my head up to see how things really are.


I deal with my stress pretty lousy. i panic, i cry and i freak out. I didn’t handle stress very well when i wasn’t sick either.


thank you,i stay at this job because of my parent and family business.I don’t know if its good to leave my job and try others since I am still at mid 20s,i had sometimes think about changing job as suggested by a mate I just met…

anyway,@surprisedj your one of my role model in this forum include a few others who I feel is positive,doing well in recovery and is a cool person,i am really happy to hear praises from you…


I believe the reason that I was easily stressed up its because of my somewhat poor childhood.
I have recently talked to a few people,and I gain a little understanding about my past childhood problem,i believe schizophrenia for me is partly genetic but a bigger part is poor expriences in childhood,bad luck lol

I don’t know what caused the illness but I know genetics and and environment played their parts.

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my stress control is terrible,

I get stressed because I make a lot of mistakes.

After making mistakes for a while I eventually get over the stress and finally stop making the mistake.

I learned about mindfulness via MBSR (see in '09 or so and have been using ever-expanding versions of it ever since. It’s a godsend.

I also learned about the physiology of stress from reading authors like Herbert Benson, Joseph Wolpe, Hans Selye, Sonya Lupien, Bruce McEwen and Peter Levine. I use a lot of their techniques – like the Relaxation Response exercise – to monitor my autonomic nervous system’s fight-or-flight levels.

I don’t try to control stress now so much as just observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand to back off. If I have to “HALT” (like they do in AA), that’s what I do. I am a recovering bipolar, so this is crucial if I want to stay out of the awful depressive dives I get when I get burned out from my Run, Baby, Run mania.

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Avoidance of stressful situations and isolation is how I deal with stress. When I can’t do that I think I deal with stress by becoming overly assertive.

Edit: lately I’ve found that L-theanine helps with stress. (see the sticky thread)


Mine sucks,i self medicate just to feel normal,while it may be great for those around me, its wrecking my health.