Why can’t I handle even a little stress?

I understand.
However, on this forum, they don’t like the users to encourage delusions; but, the only way I work through my delusions, is staying in this reality, and using logic.

Everybody works through things differently, so I hope you are able to accept that your having delusions, or that it may take time to work through them.

I, though, am in the same boat as you, as far as just being a regular person, working through the delusions.


My next pdoc appointment is next week.
The meds are working but all this stress is giving me breakthrough symptoms.

I don’t know what else she can do for me at this point?

She’ll tell me to take Klonopin.

This is why she prescribed it to me.

Then I hope you can work through it Wave.

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Thanks @Ares 155

I understand. I can’t handle stress either. I used to handle stress well when I was younger, but not anymore. And my pdoc doesn’t allow patients to take addictive drugs for anxiety. All the drs at county health agree on that. They believe you should raise the dosage of your AP, or change it altogether

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This may need to happen sooner than later.
I had a mini meltdown minutes ago.

Let’s just say that my father is a greedy stubborn old man.

He’s really pissing me off.


Hang in there @Wave . But if you can’t wait until you see your pdoc, there’s no shame in going to the ER for help

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You’re just nervous because your animal is going to the vet.

I don’t even know what stress is. Like I said in a previous post the only time I felt stressed was dealing with school work. That ■■■■ sucked.

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I mean I guess I should be stressed. All the bills I pay a month in advance are saying I didn’t pay them. I know I’ve paid them but such is life.

It’s more than this @Enlightenedbeing
It’s a culmination of lots of things happening in my life.

I think it’s a bit unfair to judge me this way.

I take her to the vet all the time.

Let’s just say I’ve reached my breaking point.

Oh ok. As long as you’re using healthy coping mechanisms. I hope you get to feeling better.

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Thanks 15555555

Thank you @anon63380492
You are so kind!

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I dont think you’re a weak person.


Thanks @Aziz 155


its not your fault. we have a horrible brain disease that makes normal functioning difficult, your body is under immense stress trying to fight this illness already. Give yourself a break!


Yes thanks @ThePoet

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Been there. It’s like all coping skill goes out the window.

Hope you feel better soon

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Thanks @LevelJ1

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I took some Klonopin and it’s calming me down nicely.
I’m a different person.